Top Stories Al-Sebaei: Corona is still widespread and precautionary measures must be intensified to avoid the new wave

Al-Sebaei: Corona is still widespread and precautionary measures must be intensified to avoid the new wave

The Yemeni Undersecretary for the Ministry of Health and Population and the official spokesperson for the Supreme National Committee for Emergency Dr. Ishraq Al-Sebaei said that the current situation of the Covid 19 virus in the liberated governorates indicates that the infection rate varies from one to two cases to zero cases during one day.

Dr. said. Ishraq Al-Sebaei told Al-Sahwa Net that there are suspected cases that are recorded daily in all governorates, which indicates that the Covid 19 virus is still spreading in Yemen.

Al-Sebaei added that the Ministry of Public Health and Population has worked, in the current situation, to open a field hospital for the Red Cross in Aden, to provide all health quarantines in all liberated governorates, and to provide medical staff there.

She indicated that the Ministry worked on organizing training courses for the medical card to raise the level of capacity of the staff to prevent virus infection and strengthened the existing quarries with some additions of the devices, as they became covering all liberated governorates with the BCR To check virus cases.

On the issue of the emergence of new cases infected with the virus … Al-Sebaei confirmed that the committee was unable to examine cases in contact with cases of infection in all governorates and is only working to examine cases coming to field hospitals or isolation centers.

Al-Sebaei revealed a plan that will be implemented soon, through which citizens will be examined in general in coordination with Doctors Without Borders and the WHO Random samples will be taken for examination.

She explained that the Ministry of Health has worked as part of its preparations for the new academic year in coordination with the University of Aden, the Ministry of Education and UNICEF, to conduct awareness campaigns for schools and universities to raise the level of culture among students to curb the spread of the Corona epidemic.

In her statement to Al-Sahwa Net, Al-Sebaei considered that continuing to maintain procedures and control at the borders and ports for travelers will help limit the spread of the virus, and the new wave will be light leaders if these measures are intensified. Wave leaders are highly diffuse.


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