Auto Al-Zayani introduces 5 BYD models

Al-Zayani introduces 5 BYD models

Al-Zayani Motors offers exclusive BYD cars with 5 models of the new generation, designed and developed by a specialized international team.

BYD is a high-tech company, dedicated to technological innovation to achieve a better life. It was founded in February 1994, and after more than 26 years of rapid growth, it has established more than 30 industrial parks in the world.

Attention to every detail

The all-new BYD cars are distinguished by different designs between a sporty shape mixed with high-end details, with a sense of luxury and a family design to suit all categories of customers.

The brand’s models include the “Song Max” 1.5 turbo with 158 hp, which is considered a family car par excellence and is a multi-purpose car with additional technology characterized by elegance and modern spirit, with a family storage capacity for luggage of up to 1760 liters, in addition to a huge 65-inch panoramic roof and a display screen. 12.8 inches, combines all functions of the car with Internet connectivity and panoramic view «HD3600».

The Tang 2.0 turbo with 202 hp represents elegance and simplicity together. It is equipped with a 2.0 turbo engine and 6-speed transmission and 20-inch aluminum wheels with 7 adjustable seats and fully flexible rearrangement, in addition to a panoramic sunroof and a 12.8-inch display. A time when the car body is made of iron and reinforced with a roof that can withstand pressure up to 9 tons.

The F3 1.5 car, with 107 horsepower, comes with a sporty design with a front grille in the form of a wing that gives it a renewed look, combines a sporty look with luxury, in addition to the electronic stability program to increase safety and achieve safer driving.

The SongPro 1.5 is available with 158 hp, with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine made entirely of aluminum with a flat-folding rear seat, a panoramic sunroof with a 10.1-inch rotating screen, as well as an adaptive cruise control system.

As for the “Ken Turbo 1.5”, it comes with 158 horsepower, and represents the boldness of its design called “Dragon Face”, as it contains what the customer desires and more, thanks to the combination of craftsmanship and traditional Chinese culture, and is also distinguished by elegance, strength and calm as if it were its owner Sitting in a library.

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