Auto Al-Zayani launched “03 +” from “Lynk & Co”

Al-Zayani launched “03 +” from “Lynk & Co”

Al-Zayani Trading Company recently launched the “03 +” model of “Lynk & Co” cars, in the presence of representatives of the media and high-ranking customers.

And the company stated in a statement that the “03” and “03 +” models are qualified to create an impact in the luxury car market in the Middle East region, as they provide exceptional performance, unique design and advanced technology.

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And it showed that the “03” model from “Lynk & Co” is a sedan (sedan) with a streamlined design and designed to meet the needs of modern drivers, as it is characterized by a powerful and efficient engine at the same time, along with more than 20 advanced driving assistance functions.

She added that for the “03 +” model, it takes the driving experience to the next level, as thanks to the powerful speed and excellent control, this model allows consumers to experience the ultimate driving experience.

Al-Zayani pointed out that since 2019, Lynk & Co has sponsored the Cyan race, and has also entered the WTCR World Cup races (now TCR World Tour), thus becoming the first Chinese brand to participate in the “Cyan” championship. FIA, affiliated with Formula 1 racing.

She pointed out that, so far, the team has won 5 world championships in these fierce competitions, including 3 championships for teams and 2 individual championships, and through the success achieved in those races, Lynk & Co. succeeded in establishing various slogans in the minds of consumers such as “Sport and “Performance”, and the “03 +” model has become a model work that represents high-performance cars.

The company noted that the “03” and “03 +” models are two high-performance family saloon cars, and exporting them is an important step for the company in order to expand Lynk & Co’s presence in the Middle Eastern market, as the company aims to enhance the brand’s influence in that market and provide consumers with better personal and driving experiences.

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