Auto Alghanim Motors crowns gold winners from ACDelco

Alghanim Motors crowns gold winners from ACDelco

Alghanim Motors, the sole distributor of ACDelco batteries in Kuwait, revealed the names of the gold winners, which it presented as prizes to its partners, giving them gold bars.

The company provided the opportunity for wholesale distributors to win gold bars when purchasing ACDelco batteries, in order to appreciate them, by providing them with the best products and rewarding them with special and exceptional prizes.

Mubarak Al-Sayer and company officials during the honoring of Al-Mutairi

The lucky winners were honored by Taj International Spare Parts Company, Al-Habdan Spare Parts, Tiger Spare Parts Market, Al-Hosni Spare Parts, Kaifan Kuwait for Spare Parts and Al-Salmi Spare Parts. Spare Parts, for its long-standing partnership with ACDelco, and for its support of the leading brand of spare parts in the Middle East.

ACDelco was famous for being the first brand of spare parts that won the trust of customers, as a result of the high quality of its products that fit the majority of vehicles, and its batteries are designed to fit our world and meet us on the most distant journeys, and have been tested to the highest standards, so that vehicles can travel long distances and maintain exceptional performance .

ACDelco batteries are the best-selling batteries in Kuwait and the Middle East, and are considered a benchmark for performance, and have proven to be at the highest level of performance, as the leading brand offers high-quality products that include batteries for cars as well as industrial, marine and recreational batteries.

These batteries have been lab tested and field-proven, with high start-up power and minimal wear, as well as higher resistance to vibrations and better life.

The batteries, which are the heart of the car, are used to power the engine, lights and air conditioning system. Wherever the roads take the customer, the reliable performance of “ACDelco” will not let him down, which is available with a distinguished warranty that makes it the first choice for customers in all Alghanim spare parts centers located in the branches of Shuwaikh, Canada Dry Street and Sharq and Fahaheel, in addition to “bumper-to-bumper” centers and more than 500 stores and stores across Kuwait.

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