Top Stories America imposes sanctions on the Houthi leader, “Saleh Misfir Al-Shaer”

America imposes sanctions on the Houthi leader, “Saleh Misfir Al-Shaer”

The US Treasury said on Thursday it had imposed sanctions on Houthi leader Saleh Misfir al-Shaer based on what it described as “illegal tactics” he had implemented.

The Treasury sanctions came just over a week after the United Nations Security Council blacklisted three Houthi leaders.

The Treasury Department said, “Al-Sha’er oversaw the Houthi confiscation of property in Yemen estimated at more than $100 million using a variety of illegal methods, including extortion.”

The ministry described the poet as a close ally of the Houthi leader in Yemen, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

She said that the sanctions would result in the freezing of all of the poet’s property and interests in the United States or in the possession of American persons, with the need to report them to the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the Treasury Department.

The State Department said earlier this week that US special envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking had visited Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to coordinate on regional security and Iran-related concerns, as well as for talks on UN-led peace efforts in Yemen.


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