Top Stories Among them are foreign experts .. About 50 Houthi leaders were killed within a week

Among them are foreign experts .. About 50 Houthi leaders were killed within a week

The human losses suffered by the rebel Houthi militia, backed by Iran, respectively, lost nearly 50 leaders, including foreign weapons manufacturing experts, during the first week of November.

The Septembernet website reported that the most prominent of the human losses suffered by the rebel militia, during the period from 1 to 7 November, was the death of two experts in the manufacture of weapons from the Lebanese Hezbollah in an air strike for the fighters of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy, which targeted weapons stores in a military barracks in the Directorate Arhab, located to the north of Sana’a Governorate, last Tuesday, November 3.

Among the most prominent Houthi leaders, who were killed during the past week – according to what was monitored by “September Net” – appointed by them the fronts reconnaissance pillar in the Dhali governorate called “Ali Hussein Al-Mutawakel” as well as the appointed commander of the Al-Bayda axis impersonating the rank of colonel called “Bakil Ismail Al-Ghati” “.

The designated leader of the Houthi militia as commander of the southern front in the governorate of Ma’rib, called “Nasreddin Azizi Ali Ahsan al-Asaily,” was also killed by the bullets of the army heroes, in addition to her supervisor on the north-western fronts of the governorate called “Abd al-Malik Muhammad Saleh Haydara.”

In a related context, the Houthi leader appointed by the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia killed the commander of guarding facilities under its control in Taiz Governorate, called “Walid Abdo Abu Lahoum,” impersonating the rank of lieutenant colonel.

This comes in light of heroic battles waged by the heroes of the army and the popular resistance, achieving widespread victories on the various fronts of the fight against the Houthi militia, whose human and material losses continue, which are painful losses that have continued for months, as they lost dozens of their important elements, in addition to others. From foreign experts.


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