Technology An application that allows you to visit Toulon and other French cities in augmented reality

An application that allows you to visit Toulon and other French cities in augmented reality


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A Toulon-based company has developed Archistoire, an application that allows you to visit the city by obtaining information and images in augmented reality on your phone. The project appeals far beyond the Var. #IlsOntLaSolution

Visiting inaccessible places and obtaining information on monuments, all thanks to your smartphone, this is the project invented by the company 9b +. With its Archistoire application, tourists visiting Toulon can scan the monuments and access a whole host of stories on the emblematic places of Toulon and on the city. “For example, by scanning the opera, I will have a point that will show me the set-making room which is not a place that can be visited by the general public”, explains Grégoire Chailleux, the founder of 9b +.

The idea was born in 2017 and over the past four years, the team has grown considerably since it has been multiplied by three. Technicians, videographers, librarians, all are hard at work every day to offer curious tours. To date, Archistoire already offers 15, from Saint-Tropez to the Garonne. Funded by local authorities and supported by the Architecture, Urban Planning and Environment Councils (CAUE) of different departments, the application is free.

A concept that pleases all over France

With this project, which can be duplicated in all the cities of France, the young company is overwhelmed by orders. “It is very interesting from a tourist point of view, admits Grégoire Chailleux. This allows you to show the places upstream and create a teaser effect. On site, of course, there is the experience of augmented reality. And afterwards, we can rediscover, share, show, relive what we have lived. ”
An original way of strolling in the streets and learning things about the cities visited, smartphone in hand, ready to draw.

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