Top Stories An economic report refutes Houthi allegations and reveals the quantities of fuel that have reached Hodeidah

An economic report refutes Houthi allegations and reveals the quantities of fuel that have reached Hodeidah

The Supreme Economic Council of the Yemeni government revealed that the amount of fuel that has reached the areas still under the control of the Houthi militia sinceليشيا 1 April until 31 Last May, I reached about a million54 thousand metric tons, indicating that it is a quantity that meets the average civilian and humanitarian need in all regions Yemen regions for about 3 Months .

In a report issued by the Council on the The most important indicators of fuel flow to Yemen during the period from April 1 to May 31, 2021He affirmed the continued flow of fuel to those areas, which negates the militias’ allegations that there is an oil derivatives crisis that the militias are promoting with the aim of exploiting the citizens in those areas and trading their suffering.

The report confirmed that the amount of fuel that flowed into militia-controlled areas during the months of April and May of this year is higher than the same period of the two years.2019, 2020, indicating that the reason for this rise in oil derivatives is the excess demand from the Houthi militia-controlled areas.

The government has issued two decisions (75/ 2018/ And the49 For the year 2019) regulating and controlling the trade of fuel and facilitating its entry through the liberated ports and then transporting it overland to the unliberated areas, which angered the leaders of the Houthi militias that trade in oil and use it to finance their military activities against the Yemenis.

The report, which Al-Sahwa Net obtained a copy of, noted that Procedures The government did not allow oil to enter through the port of Hodeidah after the militias looted an amount of money 90 about a million dollars 40 A fuel shipment, it was agreed that the salaries of employees in those areas would be delivered.

And in the middle 2019The government agreed to a UN proposal to allow the entry of oil tankers through the port of Hodeidah in exchange for allocating revenues to pay the salaries of civil servants in those areas, but the militias vetoed the agreement in May2020, and looted the amount estimated about 70 billion riyals to finance its military activities.

The report showed the quantities of oil that flowed to the areas still under the control of the militias, from: 1 last April to 31 May reached Toward 55 thousand metric tons through the port of Hodeidah , 632 One thousand metric tons were transported by land transport from the liberated governorates, with an average of more About 10 thousand metric tons per day, indicating that the total quantity amounted to about 387 thousand metric tons.

The report exposes the Houthi militias that promote the existence of a crisis of oil derivatives in order to exploit the citizens in those areas. The report also exposes the militias’ allegations of a siege on the governorates that are still under their control in an attempt to exploit the humanitarian situation to allow oil tankers to enter through the port of Hodeidah and exploit those resources to finance Its crimes and its war on the Yemenis.


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