Top Stories An unprecedented popular interaction with the # Al-Houthi_ terrorist group

An unprecedented popular interaction with the # Al-Houthi_ terrorist group

Never before has a Yemeni issue topped on social media, especially on Twitter, the global trend, as is the case with the popular campaign calling for exposing the Houthi group’s terrorism against Yemenis, and the world’s demand to designate it a terrorist group.

What distinguished the campaign was that it was in Arabic and English, with the participation of Yemenis at home and abroad, and it is the first time that the hashtag of a Yemeni campaign in the global trend was published and exposed militia crimes with pictures and videos of murder, looting, bombing and civilian victims of women and children.

271 City at the world

The campaign lasted for two consecutive days, and according to followers, more than 271 cities around the world were documented. Yemenis actively participated in bringing the Yemeni voice to the world and exposing Houthi crimes.

The highest posts were from the countries of Saudi Arabia, Germany, the United States, Yemen, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt.

The campaign sparked indignant responses from the Houthi militia, which forced citizens in the areas under its control to take to the streets to demand that America cancel the decision to classify the group as a terrorist group.

Earth speaks a republic!

The Minister of Awqaf and Guidance Sheikh Muhammad Eida Shabiba wrote on his Facebook page, Did you see our young men and women yesterday? Earth speaks a republic! I don’t believe them! What is their greatest mettle! What they did for their homeland !!

The Minister Shabiba added, “Yemen, God willing, is fine as long as these are its youth, and the baskets have not died as long as these are his grandchildren. The matter has passed because they have known the house of evil, the vessel of poison, and what the racist turbans have wrapped up !!” Grandchildren are coming, you bastards of the Imamate.

Fouad Al-Hamiri, former Deputy Minister of Information, tweeted
If the condition of this campaign was for the tweeter to mention the Houthi terrorism that is only real and exclusive to his person and his family We saw 30 million accounts tweeting, adding that most Yemenis do not have accounts on Twitter, and some are within the scope of Houthi hegemony and their “hostage” of security, military and electronic terrorism.

An exceptional success that has never happened before

For his part, human rights activist Hamadan Al-Ali wrote, “The Houthi terrorist group has achieved exceptional success, and it is an exclusively Yemeni campaign.

While the campaign called for by the Houthis in cooperation with the organizations, is not in the global trend, despite their mobilization of the organizations’ lobby and the Iranian network. Most of the tweeters with them are not Yemenis. What happened is an opportunity to distinguish between the Yemenis and the mercenaries of Iran.

Al-Ali added in another tweet, “It was a historic day, more than 300,000 tweets in less than seven hours, all of which said to the Houthis: You are terrorists and that the number of views of these tweets is in the millions around the world. Yesterday, the Yemenis succeeded in achieving the quantitative goal and we reached the first global trend, and this did not happen.” Never before.

He added, “The Yemenis unite and unite, there is no aggression but the Houthi aggression and no terrorism but the terror of the Iranian militias … This is the miraculous people directing their lava towards their enemy, as if I were” Abu Al-Ahrar Al-Zubairi “happy and he saw this popular recovery from his shrine.

From his side, the media tweeted The captain’s mayor “What happened yesterday on Twitter is a state of free association that was not previously evident in any media campaign carried out by any party over the past years.

300,000 tweets

Activist Noura Al-Jarro tweeted, “During yesterday’s hours, we received more than three hundred thousand tweets for the Houthi hashtag a terrorist group.

She added “We all tweeted and talked about Houthi crimes and violations in our homeland. We wrote about our pain, suffering and pain, and we reached a global trend, and this in itself is considered a popular referendum that suffices us as Yemenis that we see the Houthi as an intruder terrorist in our homeland. “

Journalist Faisal al-Shabibi wrote, “The Yemenis have conveyed their voices to the whole world, and have exposed part of the terror of the Houthi militia, which it has practiced against them for two full decades, including killing, destruction, bulldozing of minds, child recruitment, gagging and other crimes, and the world must respect their will and reject this gang.

YouTube deletes Houthi terror channels

Simultaneously with the campaign, YouTube removed 7 Houthi channels, after their inclusion on the US terrorism list, and these channels are: “Ansar Allah Group”, “Military Media”, “Zamel Ansar Allah”, “Al Masirah Mubasher” and “Here Al Masirah and “Zamel and Nasheed” and “Artistic Production Unit.”


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