Infotech Another 7.4% drop in electricity consumption in France

Another 7.4% drop in electricity consumption in France

Electricity consumption continues to fall in France, with a decline of 7.4% last week compared to the average for previous years (2014-2019) in the same week, according to the latest data from the network operator RTE published on Tuesday. December 27 in the evening.

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This figure is published after adjustment for calendar and meteorological effects: it is therefore the consumption that would have occurred if the temperatures had been aligned with the normal temperatures for the period.

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In this way, it is possible to identify structural variations in consumption from one year to the next, beyond the weather effects, explains RTE. These structural variations are the effect, for example, of variations in economic activity or actions oriented towards sobriety.

Over the past four weeks, the average structural decline has reached 8.7%.

Slowing down

The pace of decline, however, slowed last week (-7.4% vs. -8.1% before), according to a calculation “excluding years with calendar configurations that are too different (the position of Christmas Day determines consumption for the entire week)”indicates the manager of the electrical network.

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RTE explains the slowdown in the decline by a reduction in the potential for additional energy savings for individuals and companies in the tertiary sector, the warmer temperatures having reduced electricity consumption linked to heating.

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During the past week, the temperatures “were significantly above normal for the season, with a positive difference reaching 8.2°C on Friday, December 23”he points out.

The manager of the high and very high voltage lines had lowered on December 20 the risk of tensions for the electricity network in January by” raised “ to ” average “given the sobriety efforts and the restart of several nuclear reactors.

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