Entrepreneur Antonio Pinto (Bellman): “My mother finally understands my work! “

Antonio Pinto (Bellman): “My mother finally understands my work! “

There is the roommate of overly party-loving students on the sixth floor, the grumpy retiree who spies on everyone, the mysterious lady with two Siamese cats … The life of a Parisian building is always a world. José Antonio Mendes Pinto knows this atmosphere by heart. Of Portuguese origin, her mother was a guardian in the 14e district of Paris. His father was a painter and a mason. “I’m in the total cliché! “ the 35-year-old entrepreneur has fun.

Proud of his Lusitanian origins as much as of his Parisian roots, Antonio Pinto grew up in the family lodge where he heard the co-owners compliment his mother’s work, while deploring the ineffectiveness of the trustee. Since then, these complaints have been appeased, and for good reason: the trustee he founded manages the building.

Co-ownership manager: a “stiff” sector

In 2019, associated with his friend Jonathan Ratier, Antonio Pinto created the Bellman firm with the firm ambition to shake up the lines of a sector that he considers stiff. In less than two years of existence, their trustee has won the management of 200 buildings and has just exceeded its first million euros in turnover. Their number one asset? A digital tool, tailor-made by their own team of 12 developers. “But we are a real property manager, with managers on the move. Not an online trustee ”, specifies the entrepreneur to stand out from competitors who invest in this service by dematerializing it.

After his baccalaureate, Antonio Pinto turned to EPITA computer engineering school. He thanks his parents again: “The tuition fees were high. They tightened their belts. “ It was there that he sympathized with Jonathan Ratier, who would also become his marriage witness. The latter confides: “Antonio is frank and direct. He does not hesitate to criticize. This may offend some. Conversely, he accepts the remarks. “

His first TV Time start-up

Both wanted to start a business. Antonio Pinto first did digital transformation consulting for MC2i firms, then Arismore. Yet it was in his spare time that he had the most fun, creating applications with Jonathan. One of them (TV Time) did so well that they turned it into a start-up before selling it.

Antonio Pinto took the leap of creating a real estate trustee when he heard friends complain about theirs. To understand where the problem lies, he did an immersion course. “I had the impression of going back twenty years, he recalls, IT processes were catastrophic, with repetitive entries. Executives pushed managers to overbilling , did not renegotiate insurance or energy contracts, were not aligned with the interests of the co-owners. ” “There is a real problem of culture”, he denounces.

Objective: 500 condominiums by the end of 2021

The entrepreneur wanted to take the opposite view of these flaws. Bellman relies on the responsiveness of managers and transparency, thanks to a online portal où customers follow the progress of operations. “The job of a trustee is often thankless. Our goal is also that our 17 managers are happy to work for us ”, he emphasizes, showing his new premises on rue Taitbout in Paris.

Of the forty or so employees, the average age is 32 years. Eight months after its launch, Bellman raised 4 million euros from Lakestar, Connect Ventures and La Financière Saint-James. “We still have some progress to make”, tempers Antonio, who hopes to recover 500 condominiums in 2021.

On the side of the UNIS, union of real estate professionals, President Danielle Dubrac welcomes their initiative, while remaining cautious. “There are a lot of new players who are betting on digital, she explains, some are serious, others less so. But they force historical professionals to orient themselves more towards digital and to think about their role as managers. “ Used to buildings, technologically sharp, Antonio Pinto has what it takes to break through. In addition, his family approves: “My mother finally understands my job! “, he confides.

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