Top Stories Approval of the evacuation program for more than 530 Yemeni citizens stranded in India

Approval of the evacuation program for more than 530 Yemeni citizens stranded in India

The Supervisory Committee for the evacuation of Yemeni citizens stranded in India, during its meeting in the temporary capital, Aden, today, headed by the Assistant Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Chairman of the Committee Aziz Nasher, approved the chronic executive program of government tasks and procedures regarding the transfer, evacuation and reception of Yemeni citizens stranded due to the Corona epidemic in India.

The program includes the transfer and return of more than 530 Yemeni citizens stranded in India to Aden International Airport, through four flights on board the Yemeni Airlines Company, one flight per week, starting next Saturday, and the identification of medical, technical and security crews to serve and secure the stranded and provide means of transportation. To transfer them to a quarantine designated to receive them, taking into account taking the necessary precautionary and health measures and measures in accordance with the controls and limitations established by the supervisory committee.

The meeting, with the participation of the First Undersecretary of Aden Governorate Muhammad Shazly, the Assistant Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, Engineer Walid Al-Abbasi, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health and Population for the Therapeutic Medicine Sector, Dr. India and upon their arrival at Aden airport and the procedures for receiving, housing and protecting them.

The meeting also dealt with the procedures for preparing lists of the names and data of the stranded, their health conditions, vaccination and vaccination data, and their conduct of (PCR) with reliable laboratories 72 hours before their travel date from India to Aden, and follow up on their health conditions since their arrival at Aden Airport until the completion of the quarantine period.


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