Life Style Are these symptoms visible in the eyes? So do not ignore, may be infected with Omicron

Are these symptoms visible in the eyes? So do not ignore, may be infected with Omicron

Omicron Eye Symptoms: Symptoms related to the eyes are also appearing in many patients infected with the Omicron variant of the corona. Apart from all the symptoms like cold-cough, fever and diarrhea, Omicron variant infection can also cause eye problems. At the same time, the first symptom of the new variant of corona is that patients start seeing with their eyes. This symptom was also seen in other variants of Corona. In such a situation, we will tell you here which symptoms you should see in the eyes, which you should not ignore even after forgetting. Let’s know.

Do not ignore these symptoms

Eye problems have been reported as unusual or less visible symptoms. It may include one or more symptoms related to the eyes. On the other hand, if you are infected with Omicron Variant, then there may be problems like pinkness in your eyes, swelling of the white hemp and eyelid, burning of the eyes. Apart from this, redness, burning and pain in the eyes are also a sign of infection of the new variant. Blurred vision, light sensitivity or watery eyes may also occur in some patients. At the same time, 5 percent of eye-related problems have been seen in patients infected with Omicron. However, based on the symptoms associated with the eyes alone, it cannot be said that you are infected with Omicron. Sometimes eye problems can also be due to other reasons, so look for other symptoms of Kovid as well. But this does not mean that any symptom should be ignored.

Relax in these waysIn people infected with Corona (Covid-19), the symptoms related to the eyes are sometimes normal, while some people may feel more trouble due to this. Therefore, wet your eyes with a clean cotton pad and wipe it, it can give you relief.

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