Life Style Are you also taking sips of masala chai? can be harmful to health

Are you also taking sips of masala chai? can be harmful to health

Most of the people like to drink tea. In such a situation, nowadays people also like to drink masala tea. Masala tea is made and drunk differently in every corner of the country, but in terms of taste, this tea is much better than ordinary tea. Let us tell you that drinking masala tea in excess can also lead to some bad results, about which we are going to tell you. Masala tea can be harmful for stomach, heart etc. Let us tell you that Masala Chai is made up of many spices. People’s mouth waters as soon as they hear the name Masala Chai.

Cinnamon, cardamom, basil, ginger, black pepper, fennel, clove etc. are present in Masala Chai. Tea is made by boiling all these spices in tea. Many people also know Masala Chai by the name of Chaska Chai. If seen, masala tea is very tasty to drink, but there are also disadvantages of drinking it. If you are consuming masala tea in excess, then it can also affect your health. Let us tell you about the disadvantages of drinking masala tea here.

Disadvantages of Masala Chai- Consuming masala tea can cause complications like abdominal pain, constipation problem, flatulence, diarrhea. Caffeine is present in Masala Chai. It is not at all good for those people who are suffering from stress or anxiety. Along with this, there can also be an allergy to masala tea. If you are allergic to any particular spice then do not consume it at all. At the same time, even if you have BP problem, do not consume it because it can also increase BP. If you take medicine, then it would be better to avoid this tea even in such a situation.

How to avoid the harm of Masala Chai?

If you are fond of drinking masala chai, then remember that you can drink a cup, but do not consume more masala tea than this. You should avoid consuming masala chai on a hot summer day. At the same time, try that you do not go out to drink masala tea and make this tea from the spices present in the house itself. It will not be harmful for you.

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