Technology Astronomy: three space missions will soon arrive on Mars

Astronomy: three space missions will soon arrive on Mars

Three probes are currently approaching the planet Mars. “Hope”, the United Arab Emirates probe, has just successfully entered orbit around the red planet, making the UAE go down in history. For two years, this satellite will allow scientists to understand why the atmosphere of Mars has almost disappeared. A Chinese robot will, for the first time, also land on this very tenuous atmosphere.

But the most advanced mission is that of NASA. The Perseverance robotic vehicle will land within a week on the edge of a crater that was filled with water three and a half billion years ago. “Perseverance is the first robot that will allow us to study the traces of the biological past, we will collect samples that will be brought back to Earth by the next missions“, explained Lori Glaze, specialist in the planets department of NASA.

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