Entrepreneur At 60, he successfully launched a food truck of burgers

At 60, he successfully launched a food truck of burgers

There is no age to become an entrepreneur. Or rather, it’s never too late to get started. The proof with Alain aldrin who, at the age of 60, created his burger foodtruck in Burgundy five years ago. A reconversion far from the world in which this former representative in cleaning products for professionals has spent most of his career. ” However, I have always been in the food industry, being the son of butchers and trained in charcuterie. But life made me deviate », He says. Never mind, here he is back on the path that has always inspired him.

Burgers and terroir

If Alain Aldrin has decided to change jobs and quit his life as an employee, it is partly due to burnout. ” I found myself without work when I can’t stand to be idle. And then one day, while watching a TV report about pancakes, I said to my daughter, ‘See, this is what I should have done with my life. She said, ‘So do it now’ and I went for it. But rather than the pancakes, it was ultimately the burgers that convinced us. »With his wife Aline, so he decides to buy a used truck to create a food truck of burgers that he calls Barak’burger. On board, he crisscrosses the surrounding towns several times a week – Corbigny, Saint-Saulge, Imphy, Guérigny, etc. – to delight the locals with its recipes which give pride of place to local products. ” I buy the meat directly from the slaughterhouse, then I chop it and mix it myself in a room set up for this purpose. It comes from animals raised in the meadows all around us. The meat is of quality, it is not industrial », Insists Alain Aldrin. The burger bread, meanwhile, comes from the local baker and the toppings from a network of producers. A requirement that seems to delight many gourmets.

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Concept variation

At first, I just wanted to start part-time. But quickly we were overwhelmed and it became a full time activity
», Says Alain Aldrin. With his food truck, he serves around sixty burgers per evening in the towns he crosses. ” It’s amazing, we didn’t expect such success He continues. With the support of Adie, Alain Aldrin is financing in 2019 the acquisition of a brand new truck and embarking on new projects. He gave up the status of autoentrepreneur and founded his company, then hired his wife on a permanent contract as well as two other people. The craze for his burgers is such that the now 65-year-old retiree has decided to decline his offer. ” The food truck was an ideal way to get started inexpensively, explains the retiree now 65 years old. With the success it has had, we have been able to take over a tavern near our home and we are preparing to open a fast food restaurant this fall, in Corbigny. »Two new points of sale where Barak’burgers burgers have their place. ” Moreover, it is not uncommon to meet the regulars of the food truck », Emphasizes the entrepreneur.

A somewhat curtailed ambition

In five years, Alain Aldrin has therefore created two points of sale, is preparing to open a third and will soon coordinate a team of five employees. On the turnover side, the food truck Barak’burger’s revenues amount to 130,000 euros and those of the tavern to 230,000 euros. ” This truck is a great pride. If I could go back twenty years, I would open more food trucks but I prefer to limit myself. At 65 and with three outlets, it is more reasonable to ease off a bit », Says Alain Aldrin.

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