Infotech At Google, employees from ten countries form a union to “change” the parent company Alphabet

At Google, employees from ten countries form a union to “change” the parent company Alphabet

Google employees have come together to form a union alliance in ten countries, of which France is not part (United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland). Called Alpha Global, this coalition brings together thirteen unions from these countries, announces the tech news site The Verge.

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At the beginning of January, “googlers” (the name of Google employees) from the United States and Canada had launched their union, the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU), which said it had grown from 230 members initially to more than 700 a week. later.

Alpha Global is affiliated with the UNI Global Union, a federation of unions representing 20 million people worldwide, including Amazon employees. The new organization said in a statement:

“As a technological leader, the company [Alphabet, maison mère de Google] is a laboratory for new methods of communication and work. Sadly, Alphabet is also a creator of inequalities, involved in the sexual harassment and oppression of sexual minorities and people of color.It is a place where many workers have come to change the world, to make it more democratic, but have discovered that Alphabet suppresses rhetoric and suppresses workers’ organization, while consolidating monopoly power. “

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Victorious mobilizations

The past mobilizations at Google have already obtained results, underlines the new union:

“The workers forced Google to establish a set of rules for artificial intelligence among the first. They caused the company to stop using arbitration, too often used to cover up sexual harassment and other abuse. Workers demand company stop arming law enforcement with surveillance technology used unethically against Black Lives Matter activists [liens ajoutés par « l’Obs »]. “Google fires black researcher working on AI deviance

Alpha Global’s statement concludes with a reminder of Google’s unofficial old slogan: “Alphabet has long abandoned its ‘Don’t be evil’ commitment, but we haven’t. Together, we will hold Alphabet to account. Together we will change Alphabet. “

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