Infotech At least 10 billion euros in social aid would not be claimed each year in France

At least 10 billion euros in social aid would not be claimed each year in France

Housing allowances, RSA, activity bonus… The Mes-allocs platform, which informs and supports Internet users in their procedures, has assessed the percentage of French people not asking for the social aid to which they are entitled. Result: at least ten billion euros in social aid would not be claimed by their beneficiaries in France, exposes “Le Parisien”, in an article published on Tuesday, January 18.

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The reasons ? An oversight, too cumbersome procedures, a lack of support structure, but more often because of a lack of knowledge of an allowance. This is, for example, the case for the disabled child education allowance (AEEH), which concerns nearly 300,000 parents but whose non-take-up rate is 85%.

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Disparity of procedures

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To benefit from certain aids, such as the RSA (35% non-recourse) or the activity bonus (53%), the beneficiaries must update their resources every quarter, which can constitute an obstacle. On the contrary, other benefits such as the back-to-school allowance are automatically allocated on the income of year N-2, which partly explains why the non-use of this allowance is only 5%.

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The platform also notes disparities depending on the departments. The rate of non-request for disabled adult allowance is 73% in Ain and Haute-Savoie, while only 39% in Aude or Lozère. These disparities are explained by a different level of equipment in physical support structures in each territory or by a remoteness from digital for certain populations.

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