Auto “Automac” is the distributor of “Forthing” cars in Kuwait

“Automac” is the distributor of “Forthing” cars in Kuwait

Omar Al-Omar: Dongfeng is one of the largest automakers in the world

– Forthing’s joining the Automak brands demonstrates the success of the continuous service development strategy

Committed to the highest standards of service and providing the best ownership experience to all new brand customers

Automak Automotive Company revealed its partnership with Dongfeng Company, to be an authorized distributor of the “Forthing” brand in Kuwait, and to be responsible for the sales, marketing and after-sales service of the brand’s vehicles.

The “Forthing” is the first car to carry the new brand logo, and it was unveiled in 2020 at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, and it received a separate logo in the form of a lion to express strength, confidence and a shield that indicates safety and security, to be a value that lies at the heart of the brand.

Honoring Al-Mulla on the sidelines of the exhibition

The new car is distinguished by its innovative design, as the creativity and ideas of German designer Hans Henning are evident in its finest details, according to specialists in the automotive sector from all over the world.

German designer Hans Henning is known for creativity and good taste, and his name shined in the automotive industry, and contributed to the design of models for well-known brands such as Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Volvo and others.

“We are optimistic about this partnership with Dongfeng, which is one of the largest automakers in the world, and we look forward to this cooperation, which will enhance the company’s position, and reflects our continued commitment to providing the best products and services to our customers,” said Omar Ghazi Al-Omar, Chief Operating Officer of Automac. in the Kuwaiti market.

He stressed that the joining of the “Forthing” brand with many other successful brands of “Automac” indicates the success of the strategy it adopted to continuously develop its services, stressing that its commitment to the highest standards of service will ensure the best experience of owning a car that meets all the requirements of customers of the new brand.

mighty power

The Forthing T5 EVO is powered by a high-performance Mitsubishi 4-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 197 horsepower at 5600 rpm and a maximum torque of 285 Nm at 4000 rpm.

The car accelerates from 0 to 100 in just 9.7 seconds, while it is equipped with one of the best transmissions in the world and a Magna seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The engine was subjected to practical tests on different roads and in various climatic conditions, from mountains to highways, deserts and others, until the test distances reached more than 8 million km, while the fuel consumption per 100 km was only 6.6 liters.

fun driving

The “T5 EVO” car can provide its driver with an enjoyable and exceptional driving experience thanks to the chassis distinguished by various additions and technical improvements, which enhance the driving experience of SUVs.

Thanks to the engine’s power, transmission and advanced safety systems, the car’s driving dynamics ensures pleasure on every journey and during any movement, and impresses everyone with its exceptional efficiency, aerodynamic dynamics and economical engine.

The cabin draws attention, with comfortable seats in nappa leather with French embroidered red accents, to give a real impression of luxury and luxury, while the interior equipment includes an information screen and a compact infotainment system measuring 20.5 inches, with a centrally controlled storage box, and a heating and cooling box in the armrest. The arm and lower storage space, as well as an air purifier and an air conditioner with “CN95” technology, purify the interior air to provide passengers with healthy breathing while driving.

The car comes with smart spaces to provide comfort for all passengers while driving, while the instrument panel is designed in the form of a carved bridge and curved lines, to create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere, while the cabin is characterized by sound insulation and noise reduction significantly.

charming design

The “Forthing T5 EVO” can be described as a car with a charming appearance and design, where the front of the car appears in a bold and strong shape, with a front grille resembling a lion’s fangs, which suggests strength, sportiness and modernity at the same time.

The side design shows clear lines and curves that harmonize with the front and rear of the car, while the shape from the rear is impressive, as the rear glass connects with the wing to express the car’s strong character with a rear bumper adorning the four exhaust outlets.

The “Forthing T5 EVO” comes in eight colors that combine the latest “2K” coating technology, which gives a longer life and luster to the luxurious exterior paint, and the best levels of industry.

The headlights are inspired by the eyes of the lion, which are sculpted, extending and integrated in the aerodynamic lines to enhance the powerful appearance of the car, while the night lighting is 1080 pixels, which means high resolution and great clarity in the night vision, while the wheels come in a matte black color and the size of 19 inches.

The designers of the “T5 EVO” and its makers have placed a high priority on safety and security specifications, to comply with the high safety standards of the European “Euro NCAP” 5-star program.

The car was equipped with the electronic stability system from the German Bosch, and the proportion of high steel in its structure is more than 76 percent, which provides the driver and passengers with high safety in the event of traffic accidents.

The technologies also include 6 airbags distributed among the driver and passengers in the front and rear, with an advanced braking system that helps the car stop once but quietly.

The car is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof that makes driving more enjoyable and comfortable and allows for a high percentage of light, while the storage space features an electric tailgate that provides ample storage space.

Automak was keen to establish a spare parts distribution center in the maintenance center to ensure the provision of spare parts and their delivery in a short time, with the aim of enhancing customer service levels.

The original Forthing parts were tested according to the highest standards to be the design quality and performance of the parts used when manufacturing cars, and they are certified, distributed and guaranteed with the highest levels of safety, performance and reliability from Dongfeng.

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