Auto Automak sells 20 JMC trucks to Gulf Mechanical and Electrical Works.

Automak sells 20 JMC trucks to Gulf Mechanical and Electrical Works.

Automak Motors, the exclusive agent of JMC in Kuwait, revealed a deal to sell nearly 20 model JX1054TSG23 2020 model year 2020 gambling trucks to Gulf Group for Mechanical and Electrical Works.

“Automak” owns the exclusive agency for the famous Chinese “JMC” trucks that have Japanese quality and American safety specifications.

The highest levels of confidence in Nissan cars

“JMC” trucks are available with cabins, two cabins, open and closed boxes, and refrigerators with temperatures starting from (-20) degrees Celsius.

JMC’s truckloads start from 1.75 tons and reach 6.5 tons, which makes them very suitable for construction companies and contracting companies, which need light and heavy transport trucks, in addition to the small blaster with a load of 2.5 tons.

It is considered the only blaster that carries 2 hydraulic jacks, the first for safety and the second for work. It also has a comfortable and air-conditioned driving cabin that can accommodate 3 passengers at the same time.

Automak offers distinct and competitive prices to customers, as well as programs that serve the customer after purchasing the truck, through periodic maintenance programs, providing spare parts at very reasonable prices, as well as providing two service centers in Shuwaikh Industrial Zone and East Ahmadi Industrial Zone, equipped with all parts needs. Spare parts and a qualified technical team trained in all repair services, blacksmithing, painting, maintenance and equipped with all devices for diagnosing mechanical faults, not to mention the speedy completion of repair operations.

The advantages offered by Automak include the long warranty service, as it is the only company of its kind that offers a warranty of 5 years or 200,000 kilometers on light trucks, which gives the customer additional confidence in the product in a way that meets the various needs of customers.

Automak owns special programs to support owners of large and small companies, and helps them go to consultancy offices specializing in interior designs, and direct them towards reliable, licensed, and affordable offices, in order to save them time and effort.

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