Entrepreneur Automotive: MDP Team buyers invest 1.3 million

Automotive: MDP Team buyers invest 1.3 million

Prototypist and mold maker of plastic and metalloplastic parts for the automotive industry, MDP has a tropism for “All the issues that sting a little: parts that are difficult to inject, with complex shapes, which will contain fluids such as air conditioning parts for the passenger compartment or propeller nozzles for the radiators”, abstract Jean-Marc Bourgon, its new president.

With Julien roussel and Herve Talussot, respectively sales director and technical director, he is one of the three new partners of this group taken over in September 2020. A group based in Dampierre (Jura), whose modernization and diversification plan is laureate of the automobile support fund. The prefect of Jura came to confirm this in the workshops: out of a total project of 1.3 million euros, MDP should benefit from a subsidy of 800,000 euros as part of the recovery plan.

“Our job is to go fast”

Renamed “ MDP Team », The group has two subsidiaries: the mold and prototyping workshop in Dampierre, which employs 25 people (including 10 in R & D) and produces 220 molds per year for the German automotive industry, mainly; and Plasmold, an injection and assembly workshop for small and medium series with 12 employees in Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire). Expert in aluminum and steel molds and “good material” prototypes, the Jura plasturgist, who had produced a 2019 revenue of € 6.2 million (65% for export), suffered a 30% drop in its activity in 2020 due to the Covid crisis.

It is in this context that its investment plan was launched. The new team relies on greener processes to meet the challenges of the automotive industry and on capitalizing its know-how to go to other markets, with already contacts in cosmetics, medical, ticketing, vehicles. agricultural, wine … “Our job is to go quickly and we can sense the willingness of our clients to come back to France. On the overall cost, we are competitive compared to Asia “, assures the president who believes that the boost from the state should save them 2 to 3 years. A recruitment plan has been launched with 9 hires within 2 years, 4 of which have already been completed.

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