Life Style Avoid doing these 5 things, you can be a victim of depression

Avoid doing these 5 things, you can be a victim of depression

In today’s era, problems like anxiety and depression have become common. This problem is increasing with people of every age group. Everyone should take precaution because when this problem becomes very big, it will not be known. It is often seen that people are afraid to tell or express this thing to anyone. In such a situation, if you ever feel like anxiety or depression, then do not ignore it. Avoid isolating yourself. If you feel like depression, then do not do any such thing which will increase your problem even more. Don’t isolate yourself from people. Nor will you start having more negative thoughts. On the other hand, if you are feeling like depression or anxiety, then you should avoid doing some things.

Do not drink alcohol Do not drink alcohol if you feel depressed. This will increase your problem instead of reducing it. Consumption of alcohol is harmful for the body in every way. If you become addicted to it, it reduces your mental and physical capacity. So avoid consuming it. If you feel depressed, drink water. Take a liquid diet so that the body gets enough oxygen and at the same time you should also consume fiber rich diet.

Consult doctor- Do not ignore your problem when you feel depression. Get help on that, meet a doctor or therapist. When you have depression, you should avoid thinking far or deep thinking. This can worsen your condition, instead of thinking about the future or the past, when you have depression, you should focus on the present. Instead of dealing with the problem of depression alone, take the help of a psychologist.

Don’t always lie down If you lie down while having depression, the symptoms will worsen and you may suffer from insomnia even when you lie down. Instead you walk or exercise. Dancing is also a good option. Keep yourself busy. You will worry more by lying down.

Avoid overeating Due to eating disorder, people who eat more than what they need despite lack of appetite, it is called binge eating, if you are having problems of depression then you should avoid binge eating.

Don’t stay locked in the room You don’t have to isolate yourself from others when you feel depressed. Symptoms of depression can increase with social isolation. You should sit in the open air and environment. According to experts, talk to people to overcome depression. meet them. You should also avoid virtual distractions like mobile, laptop, video games when you feel depression.

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Disclaimer: Method described in this article, Methods and claims are not confirmed by ABP News. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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