Life Style Avoid skin dryness in winter, get this kind of fruit juice

Avoid skin dryness in winter, get this kind of fruit juice

Skin Care: With the onset of October, winter is also knocking. The winter season is the favorite season of many people, while it also leaves a great impact on our skin. Generally, the skin of people becomes very dry in winter. To avoid this, we have to take care of our skin.

In the winter season, when our skin loses its shine, along with this we need to constantly moisturize our skin. Most people use expensive creams for this. At the same time, we are going to tell you how you can take care of your skin with fruits easily available in your kitchen.

Improve fruit juice


Many research done on apple suggests that eating an apple daily keeps the skin young. Vitamin C is found in plenty in apples which heals our skin from inside. Constant intake of apple helps prevent premature wrinkles appearing in old age. Applying apple juice on the face and hands at the same time also gives a lot of sparkle.


In beetroot, an anti-oxidant named anthocyanins is found in large amounts. This helps in preventing the rate of wrinkles on the face to a great extent. At the same time, anti-oxidants work to brighten the skin in our body. It is said that by continuously applying beetroot on the lips, the color of lips becomes pink with its continuous use.


Vitamin A is found in amla in large quantities. Some people use it to make their hair stronger than the roots. The collagen protein found in Amla juice can keep our skin fair for a long time. The use of amla keeps the skin glowing.


Carrots contain a significant amount of vitamin called beta carotene, which reaches the human body and converts into vitamin A. The use of carrots easily available in winter helps in improving the skin as well as preventing wrinkles.

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