Life Style Awadhpuri This Charit Prakasa, the word of the Vedas, Shri Ram reaches Ayodhya at the time of birth.

Awadhpuri This Charit Prakasa, the word of the Vedas, Shri Ram reaches Ayodhya at the time of birth.

Motivational Quotes, Chaupai, ramcharitmanas : Tulsi Das ji starts the story of Shri Ram Charit in Manas. After paying obeisance to all the dignitaries, he moves to the next stage of Manas. He says that Ramcharit Manas has infinite qualities. This leads to welfare of all living beings. In this sequence, let’s go ahead in Manas Mantra-

Ram Anant Anant Gun Amit Katha Bistar .

Listen to acharju na manihihin who have great thoughts.

Shri Ramchandra ji is infinite, his qualities are also infinite and the extent of his stories is also limitless. Therefore, those whose thoughts are pure, they will not be surprised to hear this story.

Ehi bidhi all sansam kare distance.

Sir Dhari Guru Pad Pankaj Dhuri ..

Puni all binwau kar jori.

Kart Katha Jehin Lag Na Khori .

In this way, after removing all doubts and wearing the lotus raj of Shri Guruji’s lotus feet on my head, I again request everyone with folded hands, so that no fault in the creation of the story can be touched.

Regards sihi nai now forehead.

Barnaum Bisad Ram Gun Gatha ..

Sambat Sorah Sai Ektisa.

Karoon Katha Hari Pad Dhari Lead ..

Now I respectfully bow my head to Shri Shiv ji and tell the pure story of the qualities of Shri Ramchandra ji. I begin this story in Samvat 1631 by placing my head at the feet of Shri Hari.

Naumi Bhaum bar Madhumasa.

Awadhpuri this Charit Prakasa ..

Jehi din ram janam shruti village.

Tirath Sakal Tahan Chali Aahiin ..

This character was published in Shri Ayodhya ji on Tuesday, the ninth date of Chaitra month. On the day Shri Ram ji is born, Vedas say that on that day all the pilgrimages go there to Shri Ayodhya ji.

Asura Nag Khag Nar Muni Deva.

Aai karhin Raghunayak service ..

Birth Festival Rachin Suzana.

Karhin Ram Kal Keerati song ..

Asuras, snakes, birds, humans, sages and deities all come to Ayodhya and serve Shri Raghunathji. Wise people celebrate the festival of birth and sing the beautiful kirtika of Shri Ram.

Majhain Sajjan Brind Bahu Pavan Sarju Neer .

Japahin Ram Dhari Dhyan ur beautiful Siam body .⁠.⁠

Many groups of gentlemen take bath in the holy water of Shri Saryu ji on that day and chant the name of Shri Raghunath ji by meditating on the beautiful black body in the heart.

Every once in a while, you get a good deal of love.

Hari sin is said to be old ..

River Punit Amit Mahima Very.

Can’t say that Sarada Bimal Mati ..

Veda Purana says that seeing, touching, bathing and drinking of Shri Saryu ji removes sins. This river is very holy, its glory is infinite, which cannot be called even Saraswati ji with a clear intellect.

Ram Dhamada Puri Suhawani.

People all bidit very pure .

Chari Khani Jag Jeev Apara.

Avadh taze tanu nahi samsara ..

This magnificent Ayodhyapuri is the giver of the supreme abode of Shri Ramchandra ji, is famous in all the worlds and is very holy. Andaja, Svedaja, Udbhijja and Jarayuj are the four types of eternal beings in the world, out of which those who leave the body in Ayodhya ji do not come back to the world, that is, after getting rid of the cycle of birth and death, they reside in the supreme abode of God.

Sab Bidhi Puri Manohar Jani.

Gross Siddhiprad Mangal Khani .

By doing a Bimal story, what aarambha?

Sunat nasahin kama mad dambha ..

Considering this Ayodhyapuri as beautiful in all respects, the giver of all accomplishments and the mine of welfare, I started this pure story, listening to which, lust, pride and pride are destroyed.

Ramcharitmanas Ehi Nama.

Sunat Shravan Paya Bisrama ..

The subject has become unanswerable.

Hoi happy joun ehin sir pari ..

Its name is Ramcharitmanas, from whose ears one gets peace on hearing it. The elephant in the form of mind is burning in the fire of the object, if he comes in this lake of Ram Charitmanas, then he becomes happy.

Ramcharitmanas Muni Bhavan.

Bircheu sambhu pleasant holy ..

Tribidh Dosha Dukh Darid Davan.

Kali Kuchali Kuli Kalush Nasavan ..

This Ram Charit Manas is the favorite of the sages, this beautiful and holy mind was composed by Shiva. It is the destroyer of all the three types of defects, sorrows and poverty, and the evils of Kaliyuga and all sins.

Rachi mehs nij manas rakha.

Pai Susamu Siwa Sun Language ..

Tate Ramcharitmanas Bar.

Dhareu naam hi hari harshi har ..

Shri Mahadev ji had composed this and kept it in his mind and after getting a good opportunity, told Parvati ji. With this, Shiva ji, seeing it in his heart and being pleased, named it the beautiful Ramcharitmanas.

Barnaum Raghubar Bisad Jasu listen Kali Kalush Nasai, by listening to Ram Charitra, the sins of Kaliyuga are destroyed.

Mahamantra Joi chants Mahesu, Mahadev himself chants Ram Naam, chanting Ram Naam brings welfare


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