Top Stories Basyod: Political screening will not achieve anything for the people of Hadhramaut of what they dream of

Basyod: Political screening will not achieve anything for the people of Hadhramaut of what they dream of

A leader in the Yemeni Congregation for Reform in Hadhramaut governorate said that the political screening will not achieve for the people of Hadramout anything they dream of.

The Assistant Secretary of the Yemeni Congregation for Islah in the Hadhramaut Valley and Desert, Engineer Rabie Basyod, explained in a post on his official Facebook page that the language of challenge will not have a magical effect between the brothers, stressing that the voice of reason and logic alone is reliable in resolving any dilemma, whether it is political, social or economic.

He indicated that the reform derives its stances from the values ​​of justice, equality, freedom and shura, which is a basic starting point in its political programme.

“Through this logic, we stand with all parties and at all levels at the same distance, in accordance with the accepted principles,” he said.

He pointed out that Islah refuses to be portrayed as being against the rights of Hadhramaut or exaggerating its hostility, adding, “We are a political component that has a great presence in the circles of society, affecting, being affected, feeling and suffering from what is happening to society at all levels.”

He continued, “If we want a solution to our problems in Hadhramaut first, we must raise the level of trust between us, and our motto will be “Hadhramaut first” and we agree on a work program among all components and political and social forces.”

He pointed out that the work program will diagnose and analyze problems, what will benefit Hadramawt and what will harm it, and will result in a single matrix of demands prepared at the highest levels, through which we can proceed to find effective solutions without treason or accusation to anyone.

And he added, “We are all sons of Hadhramaut and we all appreciate what Hadhramout means to him, and here we can reach the goal if we are talking about rights, and if the poet’s belly has another meaning, it is impossible to meet and we will continue to hum and everyone hums.”


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