Technology “Beem”, easy-to-install solar panels

“Beem”, easy-to-install solar panels

“It’s my job” comes back all summer on 40 original business ideas, business creations that respond to the times. Friday, July 22, the portrait of Ralph Feghali, who is reinventing the solar panel to make it affordable for everyone.

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Beem is a very young company from Nantes, launched two years ago, and which already employs 25 people.

“We wanted to democratize access to solar energy and allow everyone to be able to use some of their energy.”

Ralph Feghali

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Concretely, Beem are two square meter solar panels that can be placed on the ground, in your garden, on your terrace or on your facade, in the simplest way possible. The target: all individuals, in medium-sized cities, in peri-urban and rural areas, who have a little space. “In the product, there are two parts. There is one part hardware and a physical component. It’s a kit that we designed from A to Z so that it can be installed by anyone in less than an hour without being a handyman. We have designed a system of fixings that make it possible to install them on a facade or on the ground. We have two square meters in the sun and by plugging the kit into an electrical outlet, we will directly inject power into our home network to supply the equipment that consumes when we produce”. says Ralph Feghali.

Beem is also an application that measures what you produce, a platform for monitoring your energy production.

The Beem kit costs 780 euros for two square meters. Beem has already produced 2,000 solar kits in 2021 and has the ambition to expand internationally, and launch new products that will have more power.

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