Life Style Before getting married, ask your partner, these 8 questions

Before getting married, ask your partner, these 8 questions

Marriage has been given a very important place in our society. This is a very special decision in your life. After this, your life changes completely. After getting married, apart from increasing your responsibilities, your freedom is also hindered. Therefore, it is very important that you get these information about your partner before marriage. So let’s know.

1. Get to know each other’s thoughts
Every person in the world has a different thinking. In such a situation, it is not possible that both of you have the same views. But can you spend your whole life with this different thinking of theirs? Is it not very egoistic, if not very stubborn, not very backward thoughts, very expensive or not very stingy etc. It is very important to discuss things.

2. Career Discussion
What you both think about your career and how you can support each other, it is most important to make an agreement on these things before marriage. After marriage, it is very important to talk openly on how you want to advance your career.

3. Consent about family planning
It is very important to know your partner’s thinking about family planning before marriage. Before taking the matter forward with him, know when and how many children he wants after marriage and what is his plan for honeymoon. In this way you will get a chance to know how far the two of you can sit.

4. Talk openly about dowry
Find out from the conversation whether the boy or his family are not expecting dowry. Many times it happens that after marriage, the boy leaves his job and starts doing business. In such a situation, it is important that you know before marriage what kind of financial planning will happen after marriage.

5. Learn about each other’s habits
Instead of impressing each other, both of you show your real side, so that no one is confused. You should know about these two habits, such as eating habits, hygiene habits, money habits, cigarette-alcohol, working habits, how are these things.

6. Consent about housework
If both of you are working, then housework should also be done together. Doing so does not put too much burden on a single person. Therefore, before marriage, you must also discuss this aspect.

7. Consent on financial condition
How you have to fulfill the expenses and responsibilities of the house, what part will be the duty, who will have to be ready to spend, etc. It will be better to discuss things as these things can cause controversy later .

8. Consent about maiden responsibilities
How do you want to help your maternal uncle after marriage and how important it is, tell your partner about it so that there is no dispute later.

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