Auto Behbehani Tire Center «Pirelli» trains its partners and distributors in Kuwait

Behbehani Tire Center «Pirelli» trains its partners and distributors in Kuwait

Behbehani Tire Center Company Pirelli, the leading tire manufacturer in Kuwait, held a product training session for its partners and distributors in a number of service centers for car dealerships, in an effort to highlight the latest developments in its products and keep pace with technological changes in the field.

A number of the company’s strategic partners in the automotive field, such as Porsche, GMC, Volvo, Audi and Lamborghini, as well as representatives of authorized distributors and agents, participated in the training.

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The session was led by Anthony Johansen, Global Training Director at Pirelli, and Raad Haddad, who arrived in Kuwait from Italy and Dubai specifically to participate in the event. The market is rapidly changing.

This session comes within the context of a comprehensive annual training program carried out by Pirelli in several countries, as the company aims to improve its partnerships in the Middle East, Africa and India and is keen to conduct training to inform its partners of the changes that are taking place at an accelerated and continuous pace in Pirelli, being a leading company in Manufacturing premium tires around the world.

The company focuses on explaining its strategic directions, such as the company’s approach based on sustainability, and its endeavor to participate in the world of electric cars, in addition to its latest management decisions.

On the other hand, Behbehani Tire Center Company “Pirelli” continues to provide the best offers on its products, which make it closer to its customers in Kuwait. » With a value of up to 50 dinars, as this campaign witnessed great success, which was reflected in a wide demand for products and growth in sales.

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