Entrepreneur Behm rode his contactless crowd control before the Paris Olympics

Behm rode his contactless crowd control before the Paris Olympics

Labeled in 2019 by the security committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games for its Mobil Security transportable gantry, the Moselle SME Behm SAS oscillates between hope and bewilderment.

While the pandemic was hardly suitable for crowd management, the company, based in Thionville and specializing in skips, vans and special vehicles, believes that it has demonstrated the performance of its innovation from February to May last thanks to the reopening of the Luxembourg concert hall, the Rockhal. Its Mobil Security cabin allows crowd control without palpation, at a rate of 800 to 1,000 people per hour. The company realizes 7 million euros in turnover and employs 45 people.

But the organization of the Paris Games is slow to order from its suppliers, reducing their room for maneuver to launch large-scale manufacturing.

Partnership with a German giant

The Luxembourg experience materializes a unprecedented collaboration between the Lorraine SME and a German giant, Rohde & Schwarz. This international expert in radiocommunication, surveillance and cybersecurity equipment achieved in 2020 a turnover of 2.58 billion euros for 12,300 employees.

“As the custodians of the mobile gearbox patent, we are also integrators of the measuring tool solutions that Rodhe & Schwarz intended for stationary equipment. This partnership opens up opportunities for us both in France and internationally ”, affirms Alain Behm, president of Behm SAS.

Even ceramic weapons are detected

The cabin developed by his company incorporates, depending on the model, a body scanner, an X-ray tunnel for luggage, a metal detector and even a facial comparison system. Any unusual object – including ceramic weapons or ordinarily undetectable explosive devices – is spotted and cleared of doubt. The installation does not require civil engineering work and limits security personnel.

While waiting for the Olympics, Behm SAS is targeting smaller but multiple markets: from access to protected sites to football matches, through fan zones or personality visits, the sites to be checked by 2024 will not be lacking. not.

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