Life Style Benefits of Cucumber: Cucumber diamond by day, cumin in night, know why it is called so

Benefits of Cucumber: Cucumber diamond by day, cumin in night, know why it is called so

There is a saying: Cucumber, Cucumber, Cucumber, Diamond, and Cucumber-cumin in the night. Actually it is said because if you eat cucumber in the morning then its benefit will be equal to that of cucumber, if you eat cucumber during the day then cucumber is as valuable as diamond for your body and if you consume cucumber at night. If so, you will get the same benefit as a cumin. That is why it is always advised to eat cucumber during the day i.e. in the afternoon. There are many benefits of eating cucumber in summer. Cucumber is said to be a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. You can eat cucumber in salad, sandwich or raita. Know what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating cucumber.

benefits of eating cucumber
Reduces weight- Cucumber is a very good option for reducing weight. Eating cucumber also fills the stomach and you also get plenty of nutrients. Cucumber contains 95 percent water, which strengthens the metabolism.

Cancer prevention- It has been revealed in many researches that eating cucumber daily can reduce the risk of cancer. The proteins found in cucumber give the strength to fight cancer in our body. Cucumber prevents the growth of cancer or tumor in our body.

immunity power- Eating cucumber also strengthens immunity. Antioxidants like vitamin C, beta carotene are found in cucumber. Due to which the free radicals present in the body are removed and immunity increases.

strong bones- If you eat cucumber with its peel, then it benefits the bones. Cucumber peel contains silica, which strengthens bones. Apart from this, the calcium found in cucumber is also good for bones.

Disadvantages of eating cucumber at night

Effect on Digestion- Eating cucumber at night can cause heaviness in the stomach. Cucumber is difficult to digest at night. Kheer takes time to digest, so you will feel heaviness.

sleep deprivation- Eating cucumber at night can also disturb sleep. Cucumber contains more water, which causes heaviness in the stomach and difficulty in lying down. Eating cucumber at night is also bad for digestion.

Those with weak digestion should not eat- People who have problems related to digestion should avoid eating cucumber. Cucumber has cucurbita scene, which is very important for your digestion to be strong.

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