Life Style Big news: bank notes, coronavirus can survive on phone screen for 28 days, scientists claim

Big news: bank notes, coronavirus can survive on phone screen for 28 days, scientists claim

Coronavirus: Researchers have made big disclosures. He says that the corona virus can remain alive for 28 days on a banknote, phone screen. Research by the National Science Agency of Australia has made a sensational claim.

Corona virus citing sensational disclosure

Researchers at CSIRO’s Disease Preparedness Center tested the corona virus survival in the dark at three different temperatures. Which showed that the survival rate of the corona virus decreased in the event of temperature overheating. Scientists found that at a temperature of 20 ° C (68 ° F), the corona virus became ‘too strong’ on a smooth surface such as a phone screen. He told that corona virus can survive for 28 days on glass, steel, plastic, banknotes. In addition, his survival time at 30 ° C (86 ° F) was reduced to seven days. While at 40 ° C (104 ° F), the corona virus could survive for only 24 hours.

Researchers say that the corona virus can remain alive for 14 days at the lowest temperature on a holey surface such as cotton. While at the highest temperature can survive up to 16 hours. Trevor Dreeve, director of the Australian Center for Disease Preparedness, said, “The research involved drawing samples of the virus before the test on different material. During this time it was found using a highly sensitive system that the fraction of living virus cells was found. Are able to infect the culture. “

Bank note, can live on phone screen for 28 days

He said that this does not mean that the number of viruses will be able to infect anyone. According to Trevor Drive, if a person is careless about these materials and touches them and then kisses your hands or touches your eyes or nose, you can get infected for two weeks. In the end, his main message was that infected people are more contagious than on the surface. Earlier research has reported that the corona virus infection is spread by fine particles of sputum released from coughing, sneezing or talking.

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