Entrepreneur Big Tour 2021: entrepreneurs ready for the post-crisis period

Big Tour 2021: entrepreneurs ready for the post-crisis period

32 million people followed the Big Tour 2021 of Bpifrance, according to its organizers. A huge success for this Tour de France to meet entrepreneurs, which began on July 16 and the 24th and final stage of which took place on August 20 in Savines-le-Lac (Hautes Alpes).

An edition placed under the sign of the relaunch “In a favorable economic context since a third of companies have already recovered a level of activity higher than that of 2019 and that investments have returned to their pre-crisis level”, rejoices Patrice Bégay, executive director of communications of Bpifrance and organizer of the Big Tour.

The opportunity therefore to analyze the profile of entrepreneurs and project leaders of this (post) crisis re-entry. According to Patrice Bégay, this profile has evolved a lot since previous editions, and does not look like what one might expect after more than a year of unprecedented crisis.

Driven to reinvent themselves

What struck him the most during his meetings in 24 French seaside resorts was the confidence and joy of entrepreneurs and project leaders.

“With the economy improving and despite the crisis, the desire to undertake is increasingly strong in France, Patrice Bégay analysis. Even bosses affected by the crisis and whose box has sunk came to the Big Tour and are preparing to start a new adventure, ”he adds, emphasizing the resilience and the ability to bounce back from French bosses.

The crisis has, according to him, been a revelation of both the weaknesses of the French economy and the deep desires of project leaders. “Many projects are linked to French reindustrialisation, particularly in the field of green energies. “The pandemic was almost good news for the French economy, says the organizer of the Big Tour” because she pushed companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy to reinvent themselves “.

More and more optimistic bosses

Future bosses would also listen to their desires a lot more, and create in a field that fascinates them by promoting values ​​that drive them.

“These are real strategies for the future, because all the visitors to the Big Tour showed a desire to consume more French and more responsibly. It is also thanks to the crisis that consumers have woken up to these subjects, becoming agents of change through their purchases. “

Optimists, aren’t some entrepreneurs becoming allergic to bad news? “They outright boycott certain media, which are too negative for them. The risk is to sink into total bliss, we have to find a balance, remain optimistic without being candid so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past ”warns Patrice Bégay. This optimism does not prevent them from being critical and from expecting strong reforms from the State to improve the competitiveness of French companies, he notes.

Young people with ambition

The 2021 edition of the Big Tour Bpifrance is also characterized by an influx of young people more massive than ever. And they did not come only to attend the concerts organized at each stage, but to benefit from advice on creation and to be helped.

An observation consistent with the figures for business creation, boosted by those under 30. This rejuvenation of entrepreneurship which could partly explain the particularly strong appetite for SSE.

But this desire to make the economy and the company more responsible does not in any way slow down the ambition of these entrepreneurs. On the contrary ! “Project leaders immediately think of going international, even before setting up their company,” notes Patrice Bégay. They finally understood that only 5% of their market is in France. “

A surprising phenomenon after a crisis which rusted international trade and glorified proximity and local markets. But export and ambition have been identified as means of dealing with this crisis.

More and more network and solidarity

The last salient point in the profile of these new entrepreneurs is solidarity. “During the crisis, the bosses showed solidarity, rather than seeing each other as competitors. And it has remained. When a project leader wants to get into a field, he starts by asking the leader of this sector for advice, ”notes the executive director of Bpifrance.

The network is therefore becoming an increasingly important capital for these entrepreneurs who now want to work together, and more against each other.

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