Entrepreneur Bike: Sporthopeo invents an easy-release magnetic pedal

Bike: Sporthopeo invents an easy-release magnetic pedal

The automatic pedal which fixes the cyclist’s shoe on the crankset sometimes frightens the unsuspecting athlete, who may fear that they will not be able to unhook it in time in the event of a fall or sudden stop. However, by adding traction to the push, attaching the foot to the pedal significantly increases performance.

It is to respond to this problem that Sporthopeo launched its first magnetic pedal in 2020. At 588.4 Newton (60 kg), the power of the magnet had been calculated to offer a force of attraction suitable for all levels, while making the release easy. “This was the technological barrier”, confirms Julien tripard, founding president of the young company based in Montbéliard, in the Doubs.

“The magnet also had to be protected from rust and resistant to impact, so we went through a Swiss magnet manufacturing company who created a tailor-made product for us. For the rest, all our components are made in France and our products are assembled by Esat d’Etupes. “

A customizable grip

Teacher in adapted sport in a rehabilitation center, a profession that he still practices in parallel and for which the bicycle is a daily tool, Julien Tripard had the idea of ​​a magnetic pedal to allow people equipped with a prosthesis to fix it on the pedal.

This adapted model had been marketed from 2017 to 2020, until the development of a consumer version. And, at the end of 2021, the small Franche-Comté company is innovating again with a mixed pedal: one side magnetized and the other equipped with a flexible and customizable grip.

“For the magnetic side, the cyclist manages the setting of the foot with a stop system that offers six degrees of angular freedom. And the grip side ensures good grip on city sneakers thanks to an alloy of rigid pins and a flexible plastic surface in the middle ”, specifies the founder of Sporthopeo, who saidnvested 300,000 euros of which 50% public aid. The model is available in six colors and sales are off to a good start, he says. The company has just signed a first partnership with a wholesaler of accessories for bicycle shops.

The invention

Creation date : 2017
President : Julien tripard
Turnover: 300,000 planned for 2022
Effective : 1 person
Sector: sport

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