Life Style Black Fungus has knocked again, these are its symptoms

Black Fungus has knocked again, these are its symptoms

Coronavirus Cases in India: With the emergence of Omicron cases in India, people have started to fear the fear of mucor mycosis i.e. black fungus. During the second wave of corona, symptoms of black fungus were seen in many people, due to which many people lost their lives. This disease attacks the nose, sinuses and lungs in the body.

The black fungus Mucor mycosis causes blindness (blindness), organ dysfunction, tissue damage, thereby increasing the risk of death. To prevent this, timely treatment is necessary. Recently, the first case of black fungus has been registered in Mumbai.

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The report of a 70-year-old woman came corona positive on 5 January, due to which she was admitted to the hospital where on 12 January, symptoms of black fungus were seen in the woman. During this, the patient’s sugar level had gone above 532. Who was immediately placed on diabetic ketoacidosis treatment.

These are symptoms

The symptoms of Mucor mycosis include nasal congestion or runny nose, pain in the cheek bone, pain in one part of the face, numbness or swelling, in which the bridge of the nose becomes dark. Apart from this, there is also a problem of blur or double vision along with pain.

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Let us tell you that during the second wave of Corona, many people had to face this disease. In which its symptoms were more visible in patients with high blood sugar and long-term steroids. Apart from this, there was a lot of danger for people with weak immunity.

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