Life Style Body mass index shows body weight, knowing categories

Body mass index shows body weight, knowing categories

Body weight index i.e. BMI can determine body weight. A normal person has a body mass index of 18-25. A person with a body mass index up to 30 after 25 is called overweight.

A person with a body mass index of 30 to 40 is called Obese. Whereas, if the body mass index is above 40, then it will be called Morbid Obesity.

BMI is a way to know body weight

If a person has sugar or blood pressure and body mass index is also above 35, then he / she will be placed in the category of harmful obesity. If you ignore harmful obesity, there is a risk of many diseases and even cancer in future. Significantly, obesity has become a cause of concern all over the world. Obesity is spreading rapidly among people. People are gaining more body weight. Non-essential weight is causing many diseases.

Harmful obesity is another cause for concern

Diseases include sugar, blood pressure, heart diseases, joints, waist and neck pain. Obesity is often caused by being physically inactive. Nowadays, harmful obesity has become the second biggest cause of concern in the world after smoking. Obesity also affects the quality of life of a person badly. An obese person is 5–20 years younger than his counterparts. The main reason for this is many diseases that surround the fat person with the passage of time.

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