Life Style Bodybuilding Tips: Exercise at home without GYM, will become attractive body in 1 month

Bodybuilding Tips: Exercise at home without GYM, will become attractive body in 1 month

Gyms are closed because of the Corona epidemic. People are forced to live in homes. In such a situation, it is becoming very difficult to do workouts. Today we are telling you how to do workouts at home. If you want to build a body like a movie star, then special training is required for this. It is very important to do the right workouts to create a good and attractive body, so let’s know some easy tips to build a body at home.

Wake up in the morning and run If you want to keep yourself fit and want to have a great body, then you should definitely wake up every morning and run at least 1-2 kilometers. This is the best way to keep the body fit and healthy. People who run regularly have very strong legs. Due to this, blood circulation of your body is also good. Heart diseases stay away from the walk and the body stays fit.

Apply push-ups- If you are at home, then you can do 3-4 push ups of 15-20 sets everyday to build a body. By applying push-ups, your body becomes strong and the shoulders and chest are also wide. While doing pushups at home, you should keep increasing the sets every week.

Do pull-ups If you want to build a body, it does not mean widening the shoulders and chest. You should also pay attention to the strength of your waist. For this, you should set deli 2-4 from 10 to 15 times. By doing this exercise, your body will remain fit and the body will start coming in good shape.

Strength and conditioning coach Nikhil Vats says that during the Corona time you can start the exercise by staying home with 100 squats every day. This will strengthen your legs. Legs are the foundation of your body, so it is important to have them strong. You can increase the number of squats later to 200. Those who cannot go out of the house at the time of lockdown can do 50 rounds of burpies while staying at home. It is a cardio exercise just like running. This will help in reducing weight and increase strength. At the same time, you should include 1 gram of protein according to weight per meal. Apart from this, definitely eat dal and paneer along with all the green vegetables.

Exercise regularly Exercise is one thing in which continuity is very important. In such a situation, if you want a good body, then it is very important to exercise regularly. This will give the right shape of your body and you will be fit. So whatever exercises you do, do them with consistency.

Diet after exercise If you are exercising at home, then you should consume soaked gram and jaggery every day. This will give enough energy to the body. If you take care of your food and drink on a regular basis, then within a month you will see a difference in your body..

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