Auto Bradbury’s Genesis at Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Course

Bradbury’s Genesis at Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Course

Dan Bradbury, owner of the “Joburg Open 2022” title, achieved a unique and unique achievement, scoring on the 17th hole with a single shot, during the last day’s competitions of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship.

Bradbury participated in Group 1 competitions last Sunday, and he shot from a distance of 201 yards (Iron 6) away from the 17th hole, to score with a single stroke on the penultimate hole, and secure victory in the new Genesis car, the G70 Shooting Brake 2.0 Sport. .

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“I focused on the goal before I shot, and I jokingly said the car will be mine. It was a great shot, and I don’t think I could have hit it better,” Bradbury said, adding that winning a car of this type is incredibly wonderful, pointing out that it is an amazing vehicle and deserves bother.

He added that “Genesis” provided distinguished and high-end services throughout the tournament, and provided it with a fleet of cars that took over the task of transporting all players from the hotel to the stadium, stressing that it embodied luxury and luxury in the most beautiful way, and expressed his happiness at winning and receiving the car keys directly.

The design of the “G70 Shooting Brake”, which was shown for the first time during the “Goodwood” 2021 festival of speed, comes from the original model of the “G70” luxury sedan category, with an increase in the rear trunk space of the car, which represents a practical addition, and it embodies the sporty aspect and the values ​​​​and legacy of the design philosophy. Genesis is rooted in sporty elegance.

For his part, Omar Al Zubaidi, CEO of Genesis Middle East and Africa, said, “At the end of the second year of our five-year partnership as the official partner of vehicles in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, we are witnessing the brand’s first car victory through the registration challenge. With one shot.

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