Top Stories Brigadier General Naji Ayedh .. Bin Aziz: There is no stability in light of the Iranian project

Brigadier General Naji Ayedh .. Bin Aziz: There is no stability in light of the Iranian project

The Chief of the General Staff, Commander of Joint Operations, Lieutenant General Saghir Hammoud bin Aziz, praised the heroism and sacrifices of the national army heroes that they make for the sake of the Yemeni people enjoying security, independence, freedom and dignity.

This came in a speech he made in the forty-years of the martyr Brigadier General Naji bin Naji Ayedh, Assistant Commander of the Seventh Military Region, organized by the Seventh Military Region Command under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense Command and the General Staff, in the Ma’rib Governorate.

Lieutenant General Bin Aziz valued the martyr’s positions and sacrifices in fighting the coup militias, and said, “The martyr had a great place in our hearts and the hearts of many people for the heroism and sacrifices he offered in order for the free Yemeni people to enjoy security, independence, freedom and dignity.”

He said, “Our condolences to the martyr and to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for this beloved country, and we do not regret the presentation of the martyrs and we will give many, many martyrs for this country.”

The Chief of the General Staff affirmed that Yemen will not be stabilized in light of the existence of this pernicious Iranian Houthi priestly project, indicating that the National Army has sworn that there will be neither weakness nor weakness until the pernicious dynastic project is eradicated.

He expressed his great thanks to all the members of the National Army and the popular resistance who were steadfast in these moments in the fields of honor and heroism, who stay up night and day in the mountains, deserts and valleys, not affected by climate changes, and withstand the resilience of the mountains in the direction of this malicious project.

Lieutenant General Bin Aziz said that victory is our ally, and God willing, we will triumph, and we are confident in victory, and that truth is always victorious, and falsehood is destined for demise .. adding that the steadfastness of heroes indicates the credibility of the cause they defend, and they want to live in freedom and dignity. .

The martyr Brigadier General Naji bin Naji Ayedh was martyred in the Nehm front, east of Sanaa, while defending his religion, homeland, land and dignity.

About the martyr:

– He participated in the Saada wars, in the face of the Houthi militia, 2007

– Participated in the battles of Amran, Arhab and Al Jawf

– One of the founders of the Supreme Council for the Resistance of Sana’a

He participated in the founding of the 7th Military Region

Head of the Technical Insurance Division for the Seventh Military Region

Headed many committees in the Seventh Military Region

He was assigned to lead military missions in various sectors within the scope of the Seventh Military

Assistant Commander of the 7th Military Region

Commander of Al-Maysara Front Sector, 7th Military District

– He was killed while leading the battles in the front ranks in an attack on enemy positions Tuesday, 11-17-2020 AD.


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