Top Stories Brigadier General Saif Al-Shaddadi … on the path of his father in heroism and sacrifice

Brigadier General Saif Al-Shaddadi … on the path of his father in heroism and sacrifice

How beautiful it is for you to cry after your departure from the mountains and plains of Yemen, and how beautiful it is for your name to be repeated on the lips of the people, young and old, male and female.

After the departure of the head of the family, the heirs go to share the inheritance of money and other things, but the Shaddadi family inherited from him courage, heroism and redemption, and here is his son, the hero knight, Saif al-Jumhuriya, deported to his Lord after he did a good job in resisting the Safavid Imamate priestly project.

The Yemenis mourned you as one of the heroes of the republic, and how beautiful it is, O Saif, of obituary and good ending.

Ambassador and MP Ali Al-Amrani, Yemen’s ambassador to Jordan, said, “May God have mercy on you, Saif Al-Shaddadi. I have joined your father, the exceptional noble leader.

Al-Amrani added, addressing the martyr Al-Shaddadi: I met you together in Montenegro, in Harf Sufyan in 2010, when we were seeking to bring peace … your father was not among those I knew anything like you. Simplicity, sincerity, firmness and steadiness.

Al-Amrani affirmed that with the likes of Brigadier General Saif Al-Shaddadi and his father, Yemen will triumph .. Addressing the late Brigadier General Saif Al-Shaddadi, Al-Amrani said, addressing the late Brigadier General Saif Al-Shaddadi: Like you are the pride of Yemen, and just as your father succeeded you as a courageous leader like him, and your father made many leaders who joined him and accompanied him, other leaders who made Abd al-Rab will carry the banner after you. Abd Allah, so that the matter is straightened and the darkness is lifted, and Yemen is liberated from tyrants and tyrants, and oppression, priesthood and terror will disappear

Muhammad Shabiba, Minister of Endowments, mourned the departure of the heroic leader Saif Al-Shaddadi, with a sad tweet on his departure, saying: How difficult it is for the sword to return to its sheath at a time when the need arises for it to remain seated above the heads of the aggressor thugs.

And he continued, “The virgin sword, which has not yet escaped its limit, was sheathed suddenly and left early, and God Almighty has great wisdom with God. The struggling boy joins the martyr father, the uncle, the brothers and the martyr cousins, in a seat of sincerity with Malik Muqtadir, God willing.”

As for Dr. Abdullah Al-Hadhiri, he addressed the heroic martyr, saying: Your history has exceeded your chronological age, as if the stages were turned quickly to join your father, the martyr Abd Al-Rab Al-Shaddadi.

The writer salutes the thalia, he says, we are all going to die.

The writer Al-Thalaya returns to remind us of the day of the martyrdom of Abd al-Rab al-Shaddadi, who was mourned by all of Yemen on the day of his death, so that he thinks that his kinship with all those weeping is no less than being a brother, son, or father of everyone among them..Love him as an honest and solid Yemeni knight.

During the mourning days, his elder brother and his first educator, Salem bin Qasim Al-Shaddadi, was martyred, and the grief was doubled and the pain repeated.

Al-Thalaya said: Since the day when the heroic leader Abd al-Rab al-Shaddadi was martyred, whenever I saw a picture of Saif bin Abd al-Rab carrying a weapon or wearing a dress of war, I was concerned that he would join his father and his uncle as a martyr, as if my fears were saying: I wish you, Sword, you chose a path other than the path of war and the army In order not to mourn your family and the lovers of your great father.

But the heroic leader, Saif Al-Shaddadi, as described by the writer Al-Thalaya, was the bravest of all the brave people. He followed the path of his father, his model and his ideal, believing that heroism is in the loyalty of children to fathers.

He continued: Saif died yesterday, affected by the Coronavirus, but he never escaped death or feared death. He died with his eye on the openings, a Yemeni knight who did not gain a moment of lack of fear or fear in the face of the brutal and immoral Imamate who transformed the lives of the Yemenis into hell and reaped all their privacy and tampered with all their values ​​and properties. And their dreams. And there is no greater pride for a Yemeni boy, as if he spends his life competing with the imamate, making republican glory, and giving generations lessons in manhood and parenthood. “

“Yes, we all will die. One death awaits every human being, and there is no escape from it,” he said.

Dr. Muhammad al-Bail confirmed that the heroic leader Saif al-Shaddadi died just as Saif al-Maslul Khalid bin al-Walid died, “As if wisdom tells us that the swords do not break in the hand of the enemies. He died on his bed and he was the one who did not leave the front without knowing his heroism. He died to tell us. Do not be afraid of the enemy’s bullets, for they do not kill, and death is not contingent upon them. Rather, it is destiny and destiny when it comes to fulfilling his command.

Writer and journalist Rashad Al-Sharabi expressed his grief over the departure of the hero Brigadier General Saif Al-Shaddadi. Al-Sharabi said: The heroes leave us like the stars when they disappear from the sky of this world, to go away, they go to their Creator and have engraved their names with their blood and sacrifices, their prayers and their tours.


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