Infotech Bruno Le Maire promises that aid to businesses will continue as long as there are restrictions

Bruno Le Maire promises that aid to businesses will continue as long as there are restrictions

Aid to companies affected by the health restrictions linked to Covid-19 will continue as long as these are maintained, assured this Friday, January 21, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire.

Vaccination pass, mask, bars… Jean Castex presents the calendar of health measures

“As soon as there is a restriction, there is help from the public authorities, so I will maintain all sectoral aid as long as the health restriction measures are maintained”, said the minister, in an interview on the Public Senate channel, adding that it was a matter of “justice”.

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So, for example, nightclubs closed until February 16 “will benefit from all the aid: fixed costs, partial activity, the measures that have been announced on the payroll”, he listed, as the government announced Thursday evening the lifting, in February, of most of the restrictions taken to curb the epidemic.

“What costs more are the tests”

Bruno Le Maire also recalled the new repayment terms for state-guaranteed loans (PGE) taken out in spring 2020 to deal with the consequences of the health crisis. Thus the companies most in difficulty for their repayment deadlines will be able to spread them over a longer period, up to ten years, or to shift their first payment by six months.

Hotels, catering, events… Reinforced aid announced by Jean Castex

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Asked about the cost of these measures, he replied that it was not “not the most expensive”. “Support for restaurateurs, tourism, events, nightclubs, these are supports that are perfectly legitimate, it amounts to 100 or 120 million euros” for the measures on fixed costs, he quantified, specifying that he did not yet have the amount for the measures on partial activity. “What costs more, let’s face it, are the tests”, for an amount estimated at 1.5 billion.

“Health is priceless, so I believe it was necessary to guarantee the health security of the French that the tests are free under certain conditions”, added the Minister of the Economy.

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