Infotech Bruno Le Maire “very favorable” to an information mission on the taxation of CAC 40 groups

Bruno Le Maire “very favorable” to an information mission on the taxation of CAC 40 groups

The Minister of the Economy, Bruno le Maire, declared himself this Friday, July 29 “very favorable” to the fact-finding mission on the taxation of CAC 40 groups that do not pay corporation tax in France, requested by Eric Coquerel, Chairman of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly.

“I am very in favor of it”affirmed the Minister at the end of the last Council of Ministers before the summer holidays, questioned on the superprofits of the oil group TotalEnergies and on the fact-finding mission which must look into the tax optimization practices used by companies in order to not to pay corporation tax.

The sequel after the ad

“Parliament is in its role when it controls, when it demonstrates transparency, and when it helps calm the debate”he added, reiterating however that he was opposed to taxing the superprofits of companies, in particular of Total which more than doubled its net profit in the second quarter, to 5.7 billion dollars.

Taxes: investigation into the privileges of the CAC 40

If this mission “allows us to calm the debate a little, to see the reality of the problems rather than systematically having this reflex of taxation and that we look at what is really going on with corporate taxation, that we do the most great transparency on the subject »he said, assuring there “see only advantages”.

Eric Coquerel announced on July 20 that he had “succeeded in obtaining a transversal mission on tax evasion. For five years, we will have a commissioner (LFI MP Charlotte Leduc) who will work on tax evasion with the means of the administration”.

3,300 service stations and 35,000 employees

On Franceinfo, the chairman of the Finance Committee explained the objectives of the mission, after noting that Total had not “not paid corporate tax in France in 2019 and 2020”.

The sequel after the ad

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“Me, I absolutely do not believe that Total does not make a profit in France. It is something that has more to do with tax optimization”he assured.

“It is not normal for SMEs to pay almost 25% tax in France, while the 300 largest companies pay 17% and CAC 40 companies like Total pay zero tax”lamented the deputy, stressing that the oil group has “3,300 service stations in France, nearly 35,000 people who work there and 25% of its activity (in France)”.

“There is something wrong”underlined Eric Coquerel. “This is where we will have to work, understand how things are going so that there is greater tax justice and that money comes into the state coffers”he promised.

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