Infotech Brussels calls Paris to order on lobbying rules

Brussels calls Paris to order on lobbying rules

The European Commission has recommended that France better apply the rules on lobbying, in particular for “highest executive functions”in the midst of Uber files »in its annual report on the rule of law published on Wednesday 13 July.

“Uber Files”: Macron “dealer” or agent of influence?

In the chapter devoted to France in this report, which concerns the 27 EU countries – written before the revelations – the European executive asks Paris to “ensure that rules on lobbying activities are consistently applied to all relevant actors, including the highest executive positions”noting that“a lot of concerns persist” in this area.

The sequel after the ad

Within the framework of Uber files »a vast investigation by journalists based on thousands of internal documents at Uber, the newspaper “Le Monde” revealed the privileged exchanges between Emmanuel Macron when he was Minister of the Economy (2014-2016), and the company American of private drivers.

Brussels calls for more transparency

The Commission notes that a recommendation by the Group of States against Corruption (Greco), the anti-corruption body of the Council of Europe, on the obligation to declare contacts between lobbyists and persons holding high positions within the executive, has not been implemented in France.

Michel Sapin: “When he promotes the arrival of Uber in France, Macron is completely Macron”

Greco had recommended in a report in January that “persons exercising high executive functions are required to report publicly and at regular intervals on the representatives of interests met and the topics discussed” and “all interest representatives who meet with a public official (…), whether they themselves have requested the interview or not, have the obligation to register in the register of interest representatives”.

The Commission also considers that the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP), responsible for the public register of interest representatives, “lack of human and technical resources”.

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