Auto “Buy 2 Pirelli Tires, Get 2 Tires Free” is back again

“Buy 2 Pirelli Tires, Get 2 Tires Free” is back again

Behbehani Tire Center is back with the strongest offers “Buy two Pirelli tires and get two tires for free”, which are valid on a wide selection of tires until the end of this May, after the excellent turnout during the first time the offer was launched.

This process takes place in the company’s centers that are fully equipped with the latest devices, equipment and technologies, by a team of highly experienced technicians who are subject to training courses conducted by Pirelli factories to ensure efficiency and quality of service.

The opportunity is available to anyone who wants to prepare his car for the summer to get safe driving off-road and during hot weather, as old tires become more dangerous because they are exposed to high heat on the roads, which poses a danger to driving.

The luxury Pirelli tires are available with different specifications and sizes to suit all family and sports cars that require special specifications, in addition to a group of motorcycle tires in Kuwait.

Behbehani Tire Center provides a specialized replacement center for truck tires. Pirelli tires are compatible with the Gulf and Kuwait environments because they are precision-manufactured for superior performance and high stability on all roads, and are able to withstand difficult weather conditions, high temperatures and high speeds.

The Behbehani Tire Center can be visited in 4 different branches, including the largest center in the Middle East in Shuwaikh on the fourth ring road directly next to Ali Abdel Wahab. Industrial next to Abyat Showroom on the road branching from Canadadry Street.

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