Top Stories Calls for peace..a nightmare haunting the Houthis

Calls for peace..a nightmare haunting the Houthis

“There is no peace until the earth is cleansed of USA Israel and the hypocrites, and we will continue to fight generation after generation until the last Yemeni.”

Convictions conveyed by the armed Houthi militia, and summarized by one of the group’s gunmen in Sana’a, and in his eyes the desire to kill and the longing for bloodshed shines through, and this is not strange for the group, which was raised on the idea that fighting and ruin is religion and nothing else.

While the Yemenis are eagerly looking forward to the results of consultations that may end a nightmare that lasted for eight years, in which the Yemenis tasted horrors that no people in the world have tasted, but the Houthis have a completely different point of view.

One of the militants of the Houthi group called “Abu Nasrallah” said in an interview in one of the Sana’a councils: “We did not take out students for authority or position so that our march would depend on the results of political talks.

He adds, “We have started and will not return until the banners of Hussain are erected on the roof of the Kaaba.” 0

hello mirage?

Abu Nasrallah is not the only extremist within the group, but he may be the least Extremist than others, there are those who believe that war is a direct order from God and it is not permissible to stop until God commands it.

When Abdul-Malik al-Houthi orders this, according to the leader “N0 al-Mutawakil” who also discussed this matter in one of the councils in Sana’a, he believes that Abdul-Malik’s orders are the same as God’s commands.

He says: “My master Abd al-Malik, whom God has chosen to lead the world, knows that peace is a lie that is intended to stop the light of God and to fly the flag of the House of God at half-mast. originally We do not believe in something called peace. Review our history from the six wars of Saada until today and you will know that we have never extended a hand to the enemy, and our next goal is Riyadh, Dubai, Amman, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Washington, or we perish on the way, say peace, peace what? “.

With a quick reading of the history of the Houthi movement, the observer will find that for twenty years this movement has used peace only to gain time, catch breath and re-equip for the upcoming battle. That this is not a defect in the right of the group on the grounds that “war is a deception” and that the militants must soften in times of weakness and then pounce on those who describe them as enemies without any regard for a covenant or pact.

He added, “Even if our leadership accepted peace and signed it, it would be a fake peace and we will tear it up as soon as possible.

arming the people

A Houthi gunman, holding a middle position in the Ministry of Defense under the control of the coup, threatened to open arms stores and distribute them to citizens, not to defend themselves, but to “crunch each other,” as he stated, in the context of his talk about peace and war.

This comes at a time when the people are looking forward to turning the page on the coup, restoring the state, and establishing security, stability and peace. These calls haunt the Houthi militia as it lives on war and dies in peace.


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