Life Style Can the possibility of a corona virus infection be reduced by getting the flu vaccine? Learn research results

Can the possibility of a corona virus infection be reduced by getting the flu vaccine? Learn research results

New research says that people who have been given the flu vaccine are at a lower risk of getting infected with the corona virus. Those found positive after the vaccination of the flu vaccine may have only mild symptoms or may experience fewer complications. Researchers analyzed the medical charts of 27,000 patients for the research.

Flu vaccine reduces risk of corona virus infection

All these patients were found to be infected with the corona virus in Mishinig Medicine between March and mid-July of 2020. He said that of the 13,000 flu vaccine vaccinated last year, only 4% were found positive in the corona examination and of the 14,000 patients who did not use the flu vaccine, about five percent reported a case of corona infection.

Mishing is the Academic Medical Center of the Medicine University of Michigan. Researcher Marian Hofmann says, “This is particularly relevant for those hesitant to apply the vaccine and I continue to recommend the flu vaccine to my patients.” Researchers noticed that those who had been vaccinated against the flu, clearly needed less hospitalization. However, he did not find a clear difference in mortality between the two groups.

Mild symptoms or less complication in infected patients

None of the people involved in the research were found positive from both infections at one time. Hofmann says that the mechanism behind the relationship is not yet clear. He added, “It is possible that flu vaccine users also followed the guidelines of the Social Distancing and CDC more. However, it is also plausible that the flu vaccine may have a direct biological effect on the immune system against the corona virus. Similar to battle. “

Several months ago, Hofmann had expressed concern over the online false news about the flu vaccine with Corona virus infection. “Rather than the worrying relationship between the Kovid-19 and the flu vaccine, our finding gives more credence to the fact that the vaccine for the flu is associated with Kovid-19 staying out of hospital,” he said. The results of the research have been published in the American Journal of Infection Control.

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