Infotech Can we still save EDF?

Can we still save EDF?

On the eve of the big national demonstration of January 19 against the pension reform, the CGT has raised a threat of a new kind: “We will take care” deputies who “want to support the reform”promised the secretary general of the Federation of Mines and Energy, Sébastien Menesplier. “We will go see them in the hotlineshe scolded, headwind against the announced end of the special pension scheme for EDF agents. And, if they don’t understand the world of work, we will target them with cuts that we know how to organise. » And why not also cut the current of “beautiful properties of billionaires” whose “no effort” is not asked?, for his part suggested the big boss of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, before backpedaling in front of the outcry aroused even in the ranks of the CFDT – the majority having remained, at first, surprisingly silent.

“We are not going to excite the excited”, justified mezza vocce a Macronist deputy, at a time when the specter of power cuts, due to the multiplication of unplanned shutdowns of nuclear power plants due to corrosion or maintenance, was just beginning to recede. We must avoid at all costs that the social conflict ignites EDF! Already in October, the management had to let go of the strikers of the nuclear power plants, who obtained a salary increase of 9.47% in total for 2023… while, let us remember, the agents are less affected than others by inflation

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