Life Style careful! These four medicines should by no means be taken in Kovid, unless the doctor recommends

careful! These four medicines should by no means be taken in Kovid, unless the doctor recommends

Sometimes it seems that there are more medicines than diseases, and hence some people buy from the pharmacy or from other stores. However, some people wait for a doctor’s prescription. But, there is a widespread trend these days that Indians are now self-prescribing and ingesting medicines, which are usually given to Kovid-19 patients in the hospital after being found positive or showing symptoms. . Doctors say these patients have to reach the hospital later and admit that ‘popular’ or ‘drugs known as COVID-19’ such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine have been used to prevent ‘severe’.

What is medicine and how is it made?

Medicines are chemicals or compounds that are used for prevention, treatment, and mildness of symptoms upon identification of disease. The development of medicines has enabled doctors to treat many diseases and save lives. These medicines come from different sources. Some medicines were developed from ingredients found in nature, and even today many people extract extracts from plants. Some medicines are prepared by mixing different types of chemicals together. Some are genetically engineered to produce desired components by inserting genes into the bacteria. But, if you are concerned about your health, avoid taking these medicines as they can cause problems.

Do not use without medical advice

Remdisiver- The medicine Remdesivir is not meant for domestic use. He should be earmarked for the hospital only. In moderate or severe symptoms of Kovid-19, injection of remdesivir is given to those in need of supplemental oxygen.

steroids- Steroids such as dexamethasone are used in hospital only for critical or critical conditions. Available in the market for more than 60 years. It is commonly used to reduce inflammation. So, do not prescribe the medicine by yourself.

Anticoagulants- These medicines reduce clotting, but they are given in moderate or severe cases on the recommendation of a doctor. Chemical substances known as anticoagulants, commonly known as blood thinners, which prevent or reduce the clotting of blood, prolong the clotting time.

Tocilizumab- Immunosuppressant is meant only for serious or critical condition. This medicine is given if there is no improvement in the patient’s condition after 24-48 hours of being given steroids.

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