Entrepreneur Cash flow, personnel, digital: three “hot files” for entrepreneurs

Cash flow, personnel, digital: three “hot files” for entrepreneurs

Preserve cash

Maintaining its cash flow is the priority of the moment for all closed and idle businesses. But when the turnover does not come in any more, how to continue to pay its expenses, its loans, its rents? It’s tempting to stop paying your bills. “A bad reflex … not to be recommended, believes Lionel Canesi, national president of the Order of Chartered Accountants. This is the best way to burn yourself out with businesses that you will need when you take over ”.

Solidarity fund, PGE, partial unemployment… the company has every interest in triggering these aid measures. But if the solidarity fund, which is a subsidy, can be used to pay fixed costs, emergency loans should be handled with care. Their repayments could reduce the investment capacity in coming out of the crisis.

So, be careful not to dip too much into the EMP. Because when it comes to restarting the machine, most companies will probably only be able to count on their reserves. “At this stage in fact, the banks will have tightened financing conditions. Going for credit will be more complicated ”, predicts Lionel Canesi.

Support its employees

Thanks to short-time working, the companies most affected have so far managed to save many jobs. For totally closed activities (restaurants, sports halls, discotheques) or businesses subject to curfew, the government covers up to 100% of the remuneration of unemployed employees. This reinforced mechanism will remain in force
“As long as the crisis lasts”, said Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne.

However, in other sectors, the rule has already changed: employees receive 70% of their gross salary (84% of net salary). But for Lionel Canesi, the employer has every interest in paying for the difference if he wants to keep his employees. “In certain sectors such as sales, catering or crafts, recruitment difficulties are real. And if you don’t have trained and knowledgeable people on hand, business recovery will be in jeopardy. “.

Digitize your business

“Nothing will ever be the same. “ The majority of entrepreneurs think so. Example: restaurant owners fear that the spread of teleworking will reduce frequentation in certain neighborhoods; and that take-out and “click and collect” are becoming firmly established in customer habits. Faced with these lasting changes, 38% of entrepreneurs say that “Their activity must be transformed or evolve”, according to a recent survey conducted for Initiative France *.

In commerce or services, many have decided to accelerate the switch to digital while maintaining a place of physical contact. Online sales, communication on social networks, Web marketplaces… there is no lack of tools. But how to cope? “Why not recruit a digital native to make the most of it? “, suggests Pierre Goguet (CCI France). Several aid for the hiring of young people are available thanks to the “1 young person 1 solution” plan: 4,000 euros for recruitment on a permanent contract, and up to 8,000 euros for a work-study contract.

* survey conducted online among 4,781 business leaders from November 26 to December 13, 2020.

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