Infotech Ceiling for restaurant tickets raised, creation of the prevention passport, rate of wear and tear… What changes on October 1st

Ceiling for restaurant tickets raised, creation of the prevention passport, rate of wear and tear… What changes on October 1st

The month of October brings with it its share of changes, from the raising of the daily ceiling for meal vouchers to the introduction of a certificate of commitment and knowledge when adopting an animal.

• The daily ceiling for meal vouchers is increased to 25 euros

After having been doubled to 38 euros during the health crisis, then returned to 19 euros in July, the daily ceiling for meal vouchers will reach 25 euros from October 1. It will also be possible to use them on Sundays and public holidays.

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“With the inflation observed since the beginning of 2022, the government has decided on a permanent revaluation” of these payment vouchers, “to cover the increase in food prices from October 1”the economy ministry said in a statement on Friday.

• Changes to employer contributions for overtime

In companies whose workforce includes between 20 and 250 employees, any overtime worked by the employees, and each day of rest which they give up, may now give rise to the right to a flat-rate deduction of 1.50 euro from employer contributions. The measure was brought by the law on the protection of purchasing power of August 16, 2022.

• The prevention passport deployed

Created by the law of August 2, 2021 to strengthen occupational health prevention, the prevention passport will be deployed from Saturday. It will bring together certificates, certificates and diplomas obtained by the worker during training relating to health and safety at work provided on his initiative. These achievements may be registered by the employer, the training organizations or the employee. Job seekers will also be able to benefit from it.

• The maximum rate for a 20-year mortgage will exceed 3%

The maximum legal mortgage rate, also known as the usury rate, will increase on October 1 from 2.57% to 3.05% for a loan of 20 years or more, the Banque de France announced. Intended to protect individuals from abusive borrowing conditions, this rate caps all the costs of a home loan: credit rate charged by the bank, any brokers’ commission, borrower insurance.

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Under what conditions can one obtain a mortgage?

If some professionals in the sector hope that this increase will make it possible to settle the blocking of loans, it will also have the effect of making new mortgages more expensive for individuals.

• End of 100% coverage of teleconsultations

The total reimbursement of teleconsultations by Social Security, set up during the pandemic, will end on October 1, reports “le Parisien”.

It will now be covered up to 70% by Social Security, in the same way as it does for physical consultations usually. The remaining 30% and any excess fees will be borne by the patient or his mutual insurance company.

• The allowance for volunteer firefighters revalued

After a difficult summer for firefighters, they will benefit from an increase in their basic hourly allowance, announced in a decree published on September 22, 2022. From October 1, this basic hourly allowance will amount to 8, €36 for firefighters; €8.97 for corporals; €10.13 for non-commissioned officers; and €12.58 for officers.

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• A certificate of commitment and knowledge for the protection of animals

If you adopt a dog, ferret or even a rabbit, as of October 1, you will now be required to sign a “certificate of commitment and knowledge”. The measure will also apply to horses in the context of non-professional adoption.

Wave of massive abandonments this summer, more than 16,000 animals collected by the SPA

The document, which varies according to the type of animal concerned, details its needs in food, education, or even veterinary follow-up. It is stated that this is a “long-term commitment” and a “thoughtful act”.

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