Auto Celebrate February with «ACURA MDX»

Celebrate February with «ACURA MDX»

Gold insurance for one year and 5 years maintenance

– Warranty for the factory or 200 thousand kilometers

Roadside assistance service for 5 years

Free traffic registration and third party insurance

Seize your chance now from «Al Mulla International Auto Trading», one of the companies of the «Mulla» group, and the exclusive agent in Kuwait for «ACURA» luxury cars, which gives you the strongest offers on the car «MDX», in conjunction with the February celebrations, at a price of 12999 dinars, including many Exclusive Features.

“ACURA” grants customers, upon acquiring a “MDX” car, comprehensive gold insurance for a year, free maintenance for 5 years, factory warranty or 200,000 kilometers, in addition to road assistance service for 5 years, free traffic registration and third-party insurance.

Company officials during the launch

MDX gives its driver an exceptional performance. It is a luxury SUV for the driver and passengers. It combines leadership in the category of best fuel consumption, new levels of sophistication and luxury for comfort, and the highest level of safety performance.

Through the dynamic performance of the “MDX”, it can be described as a family-friendly cabin that accommodates seven passengers, while it comes with an all-new direct injection engine and 24-valve 3.5-liter “i-VTEC V-6”, with a variable cylinder management system (VCM). That produces 290 horsepower and 355 Nm of torque.

Spaciousness and paperiness

“MDX” comes with a high level of luxury, comfort and technology, as it has a spacious cabin with standard leather seat surfaces, giving you a feeling of comfort and calm as if you were sitting at home.

The comfort is complemented by the rear seats equipped with a single control element to adjust the temperature and air flow, as well as settings for «USB» connections to conveniently charge and connect your devices.

The luxury is complemented by natural wooden touches from the inside that give you a feeling of comfort and sophistication, while the seats are equipped with front and rear arms to ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers, while inside there is a small and ideal storage space for phones and collectibles, while in the door there is a place to put a personal wallet or electronic devices.

“MDX” comes with a touch screen display that allows you to control the cabin, to provide you with a new and innovative experience, and the signs of the audio system allow you to adjust the volume levels, and you have easy control of the climate inside the cabin easily.

An absolute luxury

The rear seats also have a share of luxury, through the 16.2-inch top screen, which is dual installed in the roof of the car to offer the rear seat passengers a distinctive theater experience, and the luxury is complemented by the surrounding camera that reveals to you 6 angles, which helps you as a driver to discover difficult points. By eye.

“Al Mulla International Auto Trading” invited luxury and luxury car lovers to visit the new headquarters of “ACURA”, stressing its commitment to achieving the highest level of service that is in line with the advanced technologies of the brand’s cars.

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